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Girl of the Period. See Linton, Mrs.

Goff, Elijer. See Dawes, W.

Goward, Miss. See Keeley, Mrs.

Gower, Lady G. See Fullerton, Lady G.

Greenwood, Grace. See Lippincott.

Grillo, Marchioness del. See Ristori, A.

Hamilton, Gail. See Dodge, M. A.

Hazard, Désiré. See Feuillet, O.

Hehl, Miss. See Stirling, Mrs.

Hertfordshire Incumbent. See Blakesley, J. W.

Historicus. See Harcourt.

Hope, Stanley. See Hodges, J. S. W.

Hormisdas-Peath. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Irner. See Martin, B. L. H.

Isa. See Craig, I.

Jacob, Bibliophile. See Lacroix, P.

Jacques Souffrant. See Ulbach, L.

Jean Froissart. See Daudet, A.

John Halifax, Author of. See Mulock, Miss D. M.

K. C. See Kent, W. C. M.

Lancashire Incumbent. See Hume, A.

Limner, Luke. See Leighton, J.

London Physician. See Guy, W. A.

Lynn, Miss E. See Linton, Mrs. E.

Mariotti, L. See Gallenga.

Mark Rochester. See Kent, C.

Mark Twain. See Clemens.

Marvell, Ik. See Mitchell, D. G.

Maynard, Walter. See Beale, T. W.

Meredith, Owen. See Lytton, Lord.

Milnes, Monckton. See Houghton, Baron.

Montague, Miss E. L. See Hervey, E. L.

Myrtle, Minnie. See Miller, Joaquin.

Nemesis. See Beal; Robbins A. F.

Neveu de mon Oncle. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Novello, Miss M. See Clarke, Mrs. M. C.

O'Keefe. See Belloc, Madame A. S. L.

Oscotian, An. See Kent, W. C. M.

Ouida. See De la Ramée, L.

Parkes, Mrs. See Sedgwick, A.

Pathfinder of the Rocky Mountains, The. See Fremont, J. C.

Paul Béranger. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Postman, The Rural, of Bideford. See Capern, E.

Price, Miss. See Wood, Mrs. H.

Rigby, Miss E. See Eastlake, Lady.

Rob Roy. See Macgregor, J.

Roberts, Captain. See Hobart, A. C.

Rochester, Mark. See Kent, C.

Roslyn, Guy. See Hatton, Joshua.

Rowlands, John. See Stanley, H. M.

St. Léon, Madame. See Cerito, F.

Samarrow, Gregor. See Meding, Oscar

Schmidt, Mdlle. See Carlén, Madame E. F.

Scrutator. See McColl, M.

S. G. O. See Osborne, The Rev. Lord S. G.

Smith, Miss B. L. See Bodichon, Madame.

Smith, Miss C. L. See Gascoigne, Mrs. C. L.

Souffrant, Jacques. See Ulbach, L.

Stephens, Mrs. S. L. See Duvernay, Y. M. L.