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pointed Ordinary Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Göttingen; and in 1868 ordinary public Professor in the Philosophical Faculty of the same university. In Sept., 1869, Professor Brugsch returned to Egypt and succeeded M. Mariette as Keeper of the Egyptian collections at Boulak. He received the title of Bey and afterwards that of Pasha. In Sept., 1881, he left Egypt in order to commence a course of lectures upon Egyptology at the University of Berlin. The Professor has published a "History of Egypt;" a "Demotic Grammar;" a "Demotic and Hieroglyphic Dictionary;" "Materials for the Reconstruction of the Calendar of the Ancient Egyptians;" "Investigations concerning the Old Egyptian Bi-lingual Monuments;" "Recueil de Monumens Egyptiens dessinés sur les lieux," 4 vols.; "Rhind's Two Hieratic and Demotic Bi-lingual papyri translated and published;" "The Geographical Inscriptions of the Old Egyptian Monuments," 4 vols.; "Reiseberichte aus Egypten," written during a journey undertaken in 1853 and 1854; "Reiseberichte aus dem Orient;" "Journey to Asia Minor and the Peninsula of Sinai;" and numerous other learned works on the language, literature, and antiquities of Egypt. He took a leading part in the International Congress of Orientalists held in London in Sept., 1874. An English translation of his "History of Egypt under the Pharaohs, derived entirely from the Monuments," was published at London, in 1879.

BRUNSWICK, Duke of. (See William.)

BUCCLEUCH (Duke of), Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott, K.G., K.T., D.C.L., eldest son of the fourth duke, born Nov. 25, 1806, was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. in 1827. Having succeeded to the title whilst a minor, he never sat in the House of Commons. His grace, whose wealth gives him great influence, is High Steward of Westminster, a Governor of the Charter-house, Lord Lieutenant of Midlothian and Roxburghshire, and Captain of the Queen's Body-guard in Scotland. He supports the Conservative party, and held the posts of Lord Privy Seal and Lord President of the Council in Sir Robert Peel's second administration in 1842–46. Well known as a generous patron of the arts and of literature, his grace received the honorary degree of D.C.L. from the University of Oxford in 1834; and the honorary degree of LL.D. from the University of Edinburgh, April 22, 1874. He was unanimously elected Chancellor of the University of Glasgow in succession to the late Sir William Stirling Maxwell, April 24, 1878.

BUCHANAN, Isaac, formerly a member of the Canadian Parliament and President of the Board of Trade in the city of Hamilton, was born at Glasgow, Scotland, July 21, 1810, where he received his education. In 1831 he emigrated to Canada, and for many years took a leading part in the social and political movements of the Upper Province. His political opinions, which all hinge more or less upon the currency question, are set forth in a volume entitled, "The Relations of the Industry of Canada with the Mother Country and the United States." He took an active part in the suppression of the Canadian Rebellion in 1837, and urged on Lord Sydenham the settlement of the Clergy Reserve question. Elected for Toronto in 1841, he helped to secure responsible government for the people, and in procuring the reduction of the duty on Canadian wheat. In 1843 he supported Lord Metcalfe's administration at the head of the Constitutional or Order party. Mr.