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CABATHEODOEY PASHJL (AuziHDBB), a natiTe of CrmHtmi- ipcple, belongs to one of the most; <ltttuiguulied families of the Grreek: community in the TurkiBh cckpii^l, and, thnnigli his wife, is connect^^ ^ith the noble family of the

cs^ndidate for St. Albans in 1850, and procured the disfranchisement of that corrupt oonstitnencj at his o^wn expense. He was returned for Oloucester, as a Conservative, in 1H57, was defeated at the general election of 1859, though he

tuchi. He was brought up stt Oon.- | seated his opponents on petition, stantinople till he was sixteen. yeArs 1 and was defeated in a contest for old, when he was sent to the ^We«t I Marylebone in April, 1861. Sir of Surope to complete his srta^lies. R. W. Garden is a magistrate for

On bis retam to Turkey, lie

emplojed in the QoTemmeTi't offices

of the fiablime Porte, and. soon. a1>- '

tncted notice by his aasidvxitiy and

intelligenoe. In several capitals of

Enrope he oocopied the x>oet of

Pint Secretary of Em\>a887, and

he was appointed, for the first

time, Under-Secretary of State for

Vomgn Alfairs during the Gkrand-

Tuieriat of the late A'ali Pasha.

About this period he was nominated

Minister of the Sultan at the Court

of Bome, -where he resided, for two

years. He waa recalled to occupy,

for the second time, lihe post of

Under-Secretary of State for Fo-

wagn Affairs. He was sent, as

<dne! plenipotentiary of Turkey, to

the Congress of the Great Powers

which assembled at Berlin in 1878

to revise the provisions of the

Treaty of San Stefano. He had

heeai preriouBly raised to the rank

of mnciur. Afterwards he became

Miniater of Public Works, and in

Hot. 1878 he was appointed Go-

Temor-Oeneral of Crete.

CABDEN, SiB BoBERT Walter, wm of the late James Carden, Esq., of Bedford Square, London, was bom in 1801. His mother was a dsoghter of the late Mr, John Walter, M.P., of the Time$, in which journal Sir Bobert is undeiv

I Middlesex and Surrey, and a de- puty-lieutenant for London. He married in 1827, Pamela Elizabeth Edith, daughter of the late Dr. Andrews, of the 19th Foot, (she died in 1874).

CABDWELL (Yiscoukt), The BioHT HoH. Edward Cardwbll, son of the late John Cardwell, Esq., merchant, Liverpool, and nephew of the late Bev. Dr. Cardwell, many years principal of Alban Hall, Ox- ford, and Camden Professor of An- cient History in that university, was born July 24, 181.3, and educa- ted at Winchester. He was elected to a scholarship at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1832, graduated in 1835 as a double first-class, and was elected Fellow of his college. In 1838 he was called to the bar, but preferring political to legal dis- tinction, he entered Parliament in 1812 as member for Clitheroe. £[aving supported Sir B. Peel in the financial changes of 1845-6, he was elected for Liverpool in 1847, and was defeated at the general election in July, 1852. In Jan. 1853, he was returned for the city of Oxford. Defeated at the general election in March, 1857, and one of his opponents having been unseated on petition, he was elected in July, and continued to represent that

stood to possess an interest. He > city until his elevation to the peer-


was gazetted as an officer in the 82nd foot, but afterwards went on | the Stock Exchange as a stock and j share broker, becune, in 1849, an alderman of the dty of London, ' Bod served the office of Lord Mayor in 1857-8. He was the founder of the City Bank, was an unsuccessful

He was Secretary to the Treasury from 1815 to 1846, and President of the Board of Trade under the " Coalition " ministry, of which Lord Aberdeen was the head; when ho introduced some useful and valuable reforms into the office over which he presided.