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CbezDisky at the Museum of Na^ml History, sinoe which time he bas become Fellow of the Boyal Society of London and President of the Society of Agricoltnre. In 18&i he was appointed Director of the Mosenin <^ Natural History for five years, and in 1869 re-appointed f<a- another qninqoennial period. He was made Commander of the Legion of H onoor, Sept. 24, 1844. CHICHESTER, Bishop or. (See


CHICHESTER (Eabl oi-). The KioBT Hon. Hbnbt Thomas Pbl- HAM, eldest son of the late earl, was born Aug. 25, 1804, and edu- cated at Westminster School and Ti-inity College, Cambridge. He was a Charity Commissioner, one of the commissioners of Pentonville Prison, and was appointed, in 1850, First Commissioner of Church Estates, with a salary of ^£1200. His lordship, who succeeded to the title as third earl, July 4, 1826, and is Lord-Lieutenant of Sussex, takes an active part in the patron- age and management of many of the leading religious and charitable societies connected with the Church of England.

CHIGI (Cabdinai,), His Emi- KSNCB, Flatio, was born at Rome of a distinguished family. May 31, 1810, took holy orders rather late in life, and was appointed by Pope Pius IX. to be present at the coro- nation of the Emperor Alexander n., on which occasion he was made Bishop of Mira. Soon afterwards he succeeded Mgr. di Lucca as Apostolic Nuncio in Bavaria, and at the close ot 1861 he was ap- pointed Nuncio at Paris, in succes- sion to Mgr. Sacconi, being received in solemn audience by the Em- peror, Jan. 23, 1862. He was cre- ated a Cardinal, Dec. 22, 1873, and soon afterwards was recalled from P&ris.

CHILDEBB, Thk Right Hon. HuQH Cci.tiN<» Eajbdlbt, M.P., ¥3,8., was born in Brook Street, London, June 25, 1827, being the

only son of the late Rev. Eardley Childers, of Cantley, Yorkshire, by Maria Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late Sir Culling Smith, Bart., of Bedwell Park, Hertfordshire. His education, commenced at Cheam School, was completed at Trinity CoUege, Cambridge, where he graduated as fourteenth Senior Optime in 1850. In the same year he married Emily, third daughter of Geoi»e I. A. Walker, Esq., of Norton, W orcestershire . ( She died in 1875.) Before the year 1850 was out, Mr. Childers, with his yoimg wife, set sail for Australia. Imme- diately on his arrival there he be- came a member of the then re- cently established Government of Victoria. With that Government he was connected till the beginning of 1857, having held the office of Commissioner of Trade and Cus- toms in the first cabinet, and having been member for Portland in the Legislative Assembly. He re- turned to England in 1857, as Agent-General for the colony, and in that year proceeded to the de- gree of M.A. at Cambridge. He also became a student of Lincoln's Inn, but he was never called to the bar. In 1859 he was an unsuccess- ful candidate for Pontef ract. On a petition, which was withdrawn, and afterwards became the subject of special inqiiiry by a select commit- tee, he unseated his opponent, was retiumed at the new election in Feb. 1860, and has continued to represent this borough in the Libe- ral interest. Mr. Childers was chairman of the Select Committee on Transportation in 1861, and a member of the Commission on Penal Servitude in 1863 ; his re- commendations with respect to transportation having been eventu- ally adopted by the Government. He became a Lord of the Admi- ralty in April, 1864, and Financial Secretary to the Treasury in Aug. 1865, retiring on the accession of Lord Derby's third administration in 1866. In 1867 he was nominated