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opportiaditj tor remoring the dead frazD the field of battle at Bnzenval. It the general Sections of Feb. 8, IBTlf he stood aa a candidate in the d^iaitmoit of Haute-Yienne, in the repablican interest; but, being nosncoeflafal, he resiuned his journalistic and Mterary pur s uits . AzDong bis works are, " Vne Dro- haaer 1862? " Pi6riUe/' 1868; "Les Omiires de la Vie/' 1864; "Les Tictimes de Paris/' 1864; " Les Contemporains onblies : BHsa MercoBur, Georges Farcy, Al- phonse Bobbe/' 1864; "Voyages d'mi Parisien," 1865; "Petras Borel le Lycanthrope, sa vie et ses <BUTre8/' 1865 ; " L'Assassin/' 1866, afterwards republished nnder the title of "Bobert Burat;" "Mademoiselle Cachemire," 1867;

  • ' La Libre Parole,*' a collection of

lectors, 1868 ; " Madeleine Bertin," 1868, a political noTel, which was a great success ; " Histoiie de la B^Tohrtaon de 1870-71," which first appeared in parts with illustrations (2 Tols. 4to), and was republished in 5 vols. 8to. (1875-76); "Les Bemiers Moutagnards," "MoHfere et see oeuvres ; " "La Vie Modeme auTh6&tre," "Les Prussiens chez eux,*' "La Guerre Nationale, 1870-71," "Boines et Pantdmes," 1873 ; " Peintres et Scolptenrs Contemporains," 1878 ; " Les Mttscadins/' a novel, 1874; " CamUle Desmoulins, Lucile Bes- mouHns, Etude sur les Dan- tcmiBtes," 1875 ; " J. B. Carpeaux/' 1875 ; " Portraits Contemporains," 2 vols., 1876; "Le Beau Solignac," 2 vols., 1876; "Le Een^t," a novel, 1876; "Cinq Ans apr^, TAlsace et la Lorraine depnis I'Annexion," 1876 ; " Le Train, no. 7," 1877 ; " La Maison vide," 1878 ; " Le Tzoisihne Dessons," a novel, 1878 ; and " Monsieur le Ministre," a novel, 1881. M. Jnles Claretie has also written several pieces for the stage. His play "Les Mira- beau" was brought ont at the Th^Atre des Nations, Oct. 81, 1879 ; tad " Monsieur le Ministre/'

founded upon the novel with that title, was produced at the Gymnase Feb. 2. 1883.

CLABS, Andbxw, M.D., born on Oct. 28, 1826, was educated first at Aberdeen, and aftf'rwards at Edin- burfi^h. In the extra-academical Medical School of this city he gained the first medals in anatomy, physio- logy, chemistry, botany, materia mediea, surgery, pathology, and practice of physic. For two years he assisted Dr. Hughes Bennett in the pathological department of the Boy^ Infirmary, and was demon- strator of anatomy to Dr. Bobert Knox in the final course of lectures delivered by that celebrated ana- tomist. For four years Dr. Clarke had charge of the pathological department of the Boyal Naval Ho^tal at Haslar, where he delivered lectures on the use of the microscope in practical medicine. In 1854 he took his degree of M.D. at the University <rf Aberdeen, settied in the metropolis, became a member of the Boyal College of Physicians of London, and was elected cm the staff of the London Hospital. In 1858 Dr. Clark was made a Fellow of the College of Physicians, in which he has held the offices of Crocmian Lecturer. CounciBor, and Examiner in Medi- cine. He has been also Lettsomian Lecturer and President of the Medicid Society of London. Dr. Clark originally intended to devote himself exclusively to the cultiva- tion of pathology ; but turned by the force of circumstances from the course on which he had entered, he has been now long occupied in the work of a practical physician. He is the autiior of numerous essays, lectures, and reviews, the profes- sional portion of which refers for the most part to diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs. He is at present Senior Physician and Lecturer on Clinical Medicine to the London Hospital, President of the Metropolitan Counties Branch of Uie British Medical Assoeiatien,