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peare's Heroines/' in 1860 ; a novel called " The Iron Cousin," in 1854 ; " The Song of Drop of Wather, by Harry Wandworth Shortfellow," in

1856 J " World-noted Women," in

1857 ; an edition of " Shakespeare's Works, with a scrupulous revision of the Text ;" "Trust and Ee- inittance: Love Stories in Metred Prose/' in 1873 ; and *' A Eambling Story/' 2 vols., 1874; as well as various magazine articles, chiefly relating to the great master-pieces of dramatic literature, besides a few poems and stories in verse. In con- junction with her husband, she pro- duced " Many Happy Ketums of the Day: a Birthday Book," in 1847 an4 1-860 4 and an annotated edition of " Shakespeare's Plays," in 1869.

CLAUGHTON, The Bight Rev. Piers Calvelbt, D.D., son of the late Thomas Claughton, Esq., and brother of the Eight Rev. Thomas Legh Claughton, Bishop of St. Albans, was born in Lancashire in 1814, and educated at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he gradu- ated B.A. in first-class honours in 1835, and, having gained the Chan- cellor's prize for tiie English essay in 1837, became Fellow and Tutor of University College, Public Ex- aminer and Select Preacher in the University, and rector of Elton, Huntingdonshire. He held the bishopric of St. Helena from 1859 to 1862, when he was trans- lated to Colombo. He resigned the latter see in December, 1870, on being appointed Archdeacon of London and Coadjutor to the Bishop of London, and a Canon of St. Paul's. He was appointed Rural Dean of Hackney in 1874, and in .April, 1875, he succeeded the Rev. O. R. Gleig as Chaplain- General to Her Majesty's Forces. Dr. Claughton is the author of ** A Brief Comparison of the XXXIX. Articles with Holy Scriptures," 1844; "A Letter to the Earl of Derby on the Revival of Convoca- tion," 1852 ; and " Lectures on Buddhism."

CLAUGHTON, The Ri^ht Rev. Thomas Lboh, D.D., Bishopof St. Albans, son of the late Thomas Claughton, Esq., born Nov. 6, 1808, at Haydock Lodge, Lancashire, was educated at Rugby and at Trinity College, Oxford, of which he was successively Scholar, Fel- low, and Tutor, and where he 1 graduated B.A. in 1831, taking a !

first class in classical honours, having previously gained the Chan- cellor^ prize for Latin verse, and Sir Roger Newdegate's prize for English verse. He obtained the prize for the Latin essay in 1832, was appointed Public Examiner in 1836, and was in 1841 preferred to the vicarage of Kidderminster by the Earl of Dudley, to whose sister he is married. He was Professor of Poetry at Oxford from 1852 to 1857, and Honorary Canon of Wor- cester; was made Bishop of Ro- chester in 1867 ; and was translated to the newly-constituted see of St. Albans in 1877.

CLAYTON, Ellen Crbathobne (Mbs. Needham), eldest child and only daughter of Mr. Benjamin Clayton, artist, and his wife, Mary Grahame, is a native of Dublin. When Miss Clayton was seven years old the family quitted Ire- land, and came to settle in London, where they have ever since re- mained. Miss Clayton became a student at the National Gallery, and at the British Museum; and she has designed in water-colours fanciful subjects for chromo-litho- graphy and also on wood. She has written the following works : " No- table Women," 1860 ; " Celebrated Women," 1860; and "Women of the Reformation," 1861. These three works proved very successful, and have continued to' be used largely as gift and prize books. Miss Clayton subsequently pub- lished "Miss Milly Moss," a tale, 1862; "Queens of Song," 1863, containing memoirs of the leading female singers of the opera, pcut and present ; " Cruel F<»tune/' a