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and " The Ancient Constitutions of the Order." His more recent works are Musical BecoUections of the last Half Century," 2 vols. 1872 ; and "Annals of St. Helen's, Bishope^te," 1876. Dr. Cox is the chairman and a trustee of the Poor Clergy Belief Corporation, which distributes money and clothes acc<»ding to ti^e necessities of the clergy and their families. He is honorary chaplain of the Boyal Society of Musicians and of the British Society of Musicians ; was for ten years chaplain to the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England ; and is a past grand officer of that order. He also served the office of chaplain during the Mayoralty of Sir T. S. Owden, 1877-8.

COX, Samitsl Sttlliyan, born at Zanesville, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1824, A.B. (Brown Univ.), 1846. He studied and practised law ; became owner and editor of the Columbus Statesman, 1853-54; travelled in Europe, and in 1855 was appointed Secrefcu^ of Legation to Peru. In 1856 he was elected to Congress from Ohio, and was re-elected in 1858, 1860, and 1862. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions of 1864 and 1868. During the civil war he took a prominent part in opposition to the measures and policy of the adminis- tration. In 1865 he took up his residence in New York, and was elected to Congress from that city in 1868 and 1876. In 1872 he was candidate as member at large, but with the rest of the Democratic ticket was defeated by a large majority. He was subsequently, however, elected to that Congress from New York city in the place of a deceased member, and has been continuously chosen to the same seat since. He has been a pro- minent candidate for the Speaker- ship of the House, and has twice been Speaker pro tempore. He has published " The Buckeye Abroad," 1852 ; V Eight Years in Congress," 1866 5 "Search for Winter Sun-

beams," sketches of travel in Italy, Corsica, Algeria, and Spain, 1870 ; "Why we Laugh," 1876; "Free Land and Free Trade," 1880; "Arctic Sunbeams," 1882; and " Orient Sunbeams," 1882.

COXE, The Bight Bev. Arthub Cleveland, D.D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Western New York, was born at Mendham, New Jersey, May 10, 1818. He graduated at the univer- sity of New York, in 1838, and at the General Theological Seminary in 1841. Shortly after his ordina- tion to the diaconate, in 1841, he took charge of St. Ann's church, Morrisania, Westchester coimty. New York, where he remained tUl Easter in the following year, when he removed to Connedicut, and became the rector of St. John's Church, Hartford. In 1854 he was appointed rector of Grace Church, BsJtimore ; and in 1863 he became rector of Calvary Church, New York city. He was consecrated Bishop Coadjutor of Western New York in Trinity Church, Geneva, Jan. 4, 1865, and on tiie death of Bishop De Lancey, three months later, he succeeded to the bishopric. Dr. Coxe visited England in 1851, and attended the Anglican Con- ference held at Lambeth Palace in 1878. He was one of the founders of the Anglo-Continental Society. Among his many publica- tions are "Advent, a Mystery," 1837 ; "Athwold," 1838; "Chris- tian BaUads," 1840; "Athanasion and other Poems," 1842; "Hal- lowe'en," 1844 ; " Saul, a Mystery," 1845; "Sermons on Doctnne and Duty," 1854 ; " Impressions of England," 1856 ; " Criterion," 1866 ; "Moral Eeforms," 1869; "The Bible Bhyme," 1873; "Covenant Prayers," 1875; and "The Peni- tential," 1882.

COXWELL, Henbt Tbacbt, was born March 2, 1819, at the Parsonage House, Wouldham, near Bochester Castle, and educated at the Military School^ Chatham. He