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Under Cardinal Simeoni's adminis- tration Mgr. Czacki rose into greater prominence, and he continued to grow in favour under Franchi and Nina, until it became customary for the Pope to send for him and consult and work with him daily as if he had really held the Secretary's portfolio. He was intimately con- nected with the negotiations with Germany, and had a prominent part in settling the Catiiolic Uni- versity qiiestion with France, and in the correspondence with Russia concerning the Polish Catholics. In October, 1879, Mgr. Czacki was sent as Apostolic Nuncio to Paris, in succession to Mgr. Meglia, and was consecrated Archbishop of Salamis, in partibus injidelium. His task at Paris was a difficult one, with the Republican element grow- ing more and more anti-clerical daily, but he discharged it with equal zeal and dexterity. He was created a Cardinal-Priest by Pope Leo XIII. in a consistory held at the Vatican, Sept. 25, 1882, and was invested with the Cardinal's hat by M. Gr^vy, President of the French Bepublic, at the ifelys^e, Paris, on Oct. 4. Cardinal Czacki was suc- ceeded in his nunciature by Mgr. Bende, Archbishop of Benevento.


DACBES, General Sib Bichabd Jambs, G.C.B., is a son of the late Yice-Admiral Sir Bichard Dacres, G.C.H., by Martha, daughter of Mr. J. Phillips Milligan. He was bom in 1799, and educated at the Boyal Military Academy, Woolwich. In 1817 he entered the Boyal Artil- lery. He became colonel and major- general in 1855, colonel-command- ant, B.H.A., and lieutenant-general in 1864, general in 1868, and was placed on the retired list in 1877. General Dacres is " Master Gun- ner," or senior artillery officer " of England." He served through- out the Crimean campaign, includ-

ing the battles of Alma and Inker- man, and commanded the Artillery from the last-mentioned battle to the end of the war. In 1856 he was appointed commander of Artillery in Ireland, and from 1859 to 1865 he was commandant at Woolwich. He was nominated a Knight Com- mander of the Order of the Bath in 1855, and also a Commander of the Sardinian Order of Savoy and a Commander of the Legion of Honour for his services in command of the Artillery at the capture of Sebas- topol. In July, 1881, he was nomi- nated to the post of Constable of the Tower, and appointed Lieu- tenant and Custos Botulorum of the Tower Hamlets, in the room of General Sir William Fenwick Wil- liams of Kars, resigned. General Dacres married, in 1840, Fanny, daughter of Mr. H. Phillips Thomas, of Mottingham, Kent.

DACBES, Admiral Sib Sydney CoLPOTs, G.C.B., son of the late Yice-Admiral Sir Bichard Dacres, and brother of General Sir Bichard James Dacres, Constable of the Tower of London, was born at Totnes, Devonshire, in 1805, and educated at the Naval College at Portsmouth . He entered the Boyal Navy in 1817, and in 1827, when lieutenant on board the Blonde, he was sent ashore with four cannons and a division of seamen, and ren- dered valuable assistance, to the French army in the Morea under Marshal Maison. Appointed a Com- mander in 1834, he cruised on the Sx>anish coast in the Salamander for several years during the Carlist war, and in 1840 was made captain of that vessel. ^ At the time of the Crimean war he was flag-captain to Sir Charles Napier. He received the command of the Sans Pareil, a vessel in the fleet of Sir D. Dundas, and greatly distinguished himself before Odessa and ^bastopol, where his ship was riddled with cannon- balls. He was made Bear-Adnural in 1858, and subsequently he served as an admiral in the Mediterranean,