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Wert Indies and duumel aquadrons. In Jime, 1866, he was appointed Seoood Naval Lord of the Adiniralty under Lord Derby's Administration. In Deeranber, 1868, on the Oonser- Tatire GoTemment retiring from office, and Mr. ChUders being ap^ pconted First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Sydney Dacres was made First Naval Loni, and he held that post till November, 1872, when he vacated it on his appointment as Visitor and Governor of Greenwich Hospital. He became a full Admiral in 1870, and was created a G.C.B. in May, 1871. Admiral Sir Sydney Dacres is a Commander of the French Legion of Honour ; and has received tiie Order of the Bedeemer of Greece, the Crimean medal with two clasps, tlie Tarnish Order of the Medjidie of the third class, and the Porta- gnese Order of the Tower and Sword. D'ALHEBT, Chablss, musical composer, son of a captain of cavaliy in iJiB French army, born at a vil- lage near Hamburg, in 1815, after bis fatiier's death, was brought by his mother to England^ where his musical talents attracted the notice of Kalkbrenner, whose pupil he be- came, and under whose instructions he gained an acquaintance with the cliWBioal w<a>ks of the great masters. He afterwards attended at the Aca- demie Boyale, Paris, where he studied music and dancing to such good purpose, that he was appointed maltre de ballet and first dancer at Covent Garden Theatre, but aban- doned the stage, and established himself as a teacher of music, and as a composer. His success is proved by Uie popularity of the dance- music winch he has composed, each piece having a distinct individuality, suggestive of the subject of the title. " The Peri," " Faust/' " Haunt of Fairies," " Queen of the Ball," and "Lily of the Valley," waltzes ; the "Sultan's," "The Bridal," "He- lena," " Coquette," " Isabelle," "Khig Fippin," and "Soldier's" poijaT' '*Th€ Express" and "Pe- ^sier" galope, and other composi-

tions too numerous to mention^ are great favourites with the public.

DALE, BoBBBT William, M.A., an Independent minister, born in London, Dec. 1, 1829, was educated at Spring Hill College, Birmingham, and graduated M.A. at the Univer- sity of London in 1853. He com- menced his ministry at Carr's Lane (Congregational) Church, Birming- ham, in June, 1853. At first he was co-pastor with the late John Angell James, on whose death he succeeded to the full charge of that well-known place of worship. Mr. Dale was chairman of the Congre- gational Union of England and Wales, 1868-9. For seven years he edited the Congregationalist, and is the autiior of " Discourses on Spe- cial Occasions ; " " Week-day Ser- mons ; " a " Life of the Eev. J. A. James ; " " Discourses on the Epistles to the Hebrews;" "The Ten Com- mandments ; " " The Ultimate Prin- ciple of Protestantism;" "The Atonement: a Series of Lectures prepared at the request of the Con- gregational Union of England and Wales J " "The Evangelical Revi- val;" "Lectures on the Epistle to the>Ephesians;" and articles in the Briiish Quarterly, Nineteenth Cen^ tury, F(yrtnightly, and Contemporary Review. He has also edited a trans- lation of " Beuss on the Theology of the Apostolic Age." In 1877 he de- livered a series of lectures on Preach- ing at Tale College, Connecticut, bemg the first Englishman ap- pointed to the Lyman Beecher lec- tureship; and in the same year received from Tale the degree of D.D. The lectures have since been published boUi in England and America. Mr. Dale has taken an active part in Nonconformist con- troversies, and in liberal political movements . He was formerly Vice- Chairman of the Birmingham School Board, and has been appointed by the Senate of the University of London Governor of King Edward VI.'s School, Birmingham.

DALHOUSIE (Eabl of), Thb