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BioHT Hon. John William Eam- SAT, K.T., is the eldest surviying son of George Maule Bamsay, the 12th Earl, by Sarah Frances, only daughter of the late Mr. William Eobertson, of Logan House, N.B., and was born in 1847. He was educated at Balliol OoUege, Oxford. He was appointed a lieutenant, B.N., in 1867, was promoted to the rank of commander in 1874, and was Equerry to the Duke of Edin- burgh from 1874 to 1876, when he became an extra Equerry. He was commander of the Britannia from 1877 to 1879. As Lord Ramsay he unsuccessfully contested Liverpool in the Liberal interest on the death of Mr. Torr, in February, 1880, but was returned at the general elec- tion shortly afterwards j he, how- ever, vacated his seat in August of the same year on his succession to the peerage. His Lordship, who was appointed a Lord-in- Waiting in 1880, sits in the Upper House as Lord Bamsay in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, which title was conferred upon his father in 1875. In Nov. 1881 he was nominated to fill the vacancy in the roll of the Knights of the Thistle caused by the death of the Earl of Airlie. Lord Dalhousie married in 1877 Lady Ida Louise Bennet, youngest daughter of the Earl of Tanker- ville.

DALTON, John Call, M.D., born at Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Feb. 2, 1825. He graduated in arts at Harvard College in 1844, and in medicine in 1847. In 1851 he received the prize offered by the American Medical Association for his "lEssay on the Corpus Luteum." In 1859 he published his " Treatise on Human Physiology," of which the seventh edition appeared in 1882. In the civil war he was Sur- geon of the United States Volun- teers, and for a time Medical Inspector for the Department of the South. He has been for many years Professor of PhysioWy in the New York College of Physi-

cians and Surgeons. In 1868 he published a "Treatise on Physio- logy and Hygiene for Schools, Families, and Colleges," and in 1882, "The Experimental Method of Medicine." He has also pub- lished many papers and memoirs in the medical reviews and jour- nals ; and he was a prominent- scientific contributor to the J merican CyclopcBdia (1873-76), and to John- son's " Universal Cyclop»dia " (1874-77).

DANA, Chablbs Andbrson, born at Hinsdale, New Hampshire, Aug. 8, 1819. He entered Harvard College in 1839, but remained there only two years. In 1842 he became a member of the Brook Farm com- munity, in Boxbury, Massachu- setts, and remained Uiere till 1844. He next edited, in connection with George Bipley, Parke Godwin, and John S. Dwight, The Harbinger, a weekly jounmlj devoted to social reform and general literature (1844-47). In 1847 be became con- nected with the New York Tribwie, and was for four or five years managing editor, until the autumn of 1861. In 1855, in connection with Mr. O^rge Bipley, he pro- jected Appleton's "American Cy- clopfledia," in 16 vols., of which they were the responsible editors, to its completion in 1863, as also of the revised edition (1873-77). "The Household Book of Poetry" was compiled and published by him in 1858 ; and in 1868, in conjunction with J. H. Wilson, he issued a "Life of U. S. Grant;" and in 1872, in conjunction with F. C. Bowman, " The Household Book of Songs." From 1862 to 1865 he was in Government service, during the last twoyears as Assistant-Secre- tary of War. About the beginning of 1866 he became editor of the Chicago Republican, a daily paper, published in Chicago, Illinois ; but in 1868 purchased an interest in the New York Sun, a daily paper, of which he has since been the editor.