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DANA, Jajcbs Dwioht, LL.D., born at Utica, New York, Feb. 12, 1813. He graduated at Yale Col- lege in 1838, and was teacher of mathematics in the United States navy from 1833 to 1835. In 1835 and 1836 he was assistant to Pro- fessor Silliman in chemistry, geo- ^ogjf ^c*> at Yale College. In Dec. 1836, he was appointed mineralogist and geologist to the U. S. explor- ing expedition, under Commodore Wilkes, and accompanied it during its whole tour, returning home in 18^. In 1837 he published his work on " Mineralogy," which has since passed through many edi- tions, and to which two appendices in separate volumes have been added, bringing the work down tg 1882. Since 1846 he has been one of the editors of the American Jour- nal of Science. He prepared three voluminous reports of his observa- tions on the expedition, with their accompanying atlases of figures, describing many new species, and some new geological formations which he had discovered. These reports were " On the Zoophytes " (1846); "On the Geology of the Pacific " (1849) ; " On Crustacea " (1852-54^. In 1855 he became Pro- fessor of Natural History and Geo- logy in Yale College, a position which he still holds. He is a member of many learned societies in Europe, and in 1872 received the Woollaston gold medal of the Geo- logical Society of London. The Copley medal of the Boyal Society of London was awarded to him in Nov. 1877. Among his more popular works are : " Manual of Geol<wry " (1862), 8rd edition (1880) ; "Text Book of Geology " (1864) ; " Corals and the Coral Islands" (1872); and " Geological Story briefly Told," 1876.

DABIMON, Alfbed, journalist, bom at Lille, Dec. 17, 1819, after finishing his studies, commenced his literary career in 1840, by the publication of some letters on the Archeology of Flanders in the

Bevue du Nord, In 1848 he was one of the principal editors of the Peuple, founded by M. Proudhon, and when that journal ceased to appear, became editor in chief, first of La Voi» du Peuple, and after- wards of Le Peuple, 1850. Since 1854 M. Darimon has contributed to La Presse nimierous articles relat- ing to finance, and in 1857 pub- lished a work entitled *' De la B^- forme Banqui^re." He was candi- date, in the democratic interest, for Paris, at the election of 1857, was elected by a considerable ma- jority, and re-elected in 1863. M. Darimon stood aloof from his for- mer political allies since 1864, and eventually became a supporter of the Government, the result being that he dared not present himself again to his constituents at the general election in 1869. In Nov. 1869, he was appointed French consul at Botterdam.

DARLEY, Felix, O. C, born at Phihvdelphia, June 23, 1822. While a clerk in a mercantile house, he produced some humorous sketches, which were so highly praised that he was encouraged to devote him- self to art as a profession, making drawings for engravers his spe- ciality. His illustrations for books and periodicals are almost innumer- able. For the works of James Feni- more Cooper alone they number more than 500. He has also made numy large and highly-finished drawings, which when reduced ap- pear on bank-notes and Govern- ment bonds, and has produced many outline illustrations on stone. • Among these are the series illus- trating Judd's "M^garet," and Irving's "Rip Van Winkle" and "Legend of Sleepy Hollow." In 1852 he was made an Academician, and he was one of the early mem- bers of the Water Colour Society. He exhibits annually, but his work is almost exclusively in black and white. The more notable of his later works are "Puritans sur- prised by Indians," "The School-