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return a K.C.B. ^^civil division). He was Under-Secretary of State for India from 1864 to the early part of 1866^ and Under-Secretary for War from the latter date to the following June. On the advent of Mr. Gladstone to power in Dec, 1868, he was nominated Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster^ and he held that office till April, 1872/ when he was appointed Goyemor- General of the Domiiiion of Canada. In the summer of 1876 his lordship^ who was accompanied by Lady Duf - ferin, made a most successful tour through British Columbia, where much discontent had prevailed in consequence of a belief that the conditions had been broken on which that remote province had joined the Dominion of Canada. He held the post of Governor-Gene- ral of Canada till Oct. 1878, when he was succeeded by the ]B^urquis of Lome. In May, 1878, ¥e was elected President of the Boyal Geographical Society, and in the following month he attended the Harvard University Commemora- tion, when the honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred upon him. The honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred upon him by the Univer- sity of Dublin, Jan. 22, 1879, and that of D.C.L. by the University of Oxford in the following June. In Feb. 1879, he was appointed ambas- sador at St. Petersburg in succession to Lord Augfustus Loftus. He was transferred to Constantinople as ambassador to the Ottoman Porte in May, 1881, and he displayed rare diplomatic abilities in his conduct of the negotiations for a military convention with Turkey in reference to the Egyptian expedition (Sept., 1 882 ) . The negotiations came to an end in consequence of the success of our arms at Tel-el-Kebir, and the contemplated convention was never signed. On Oct. 30, 1882, he was directed by Her Majesty's Government to proceed from Con- stantinople to Cairo, there to as- sume the control of the whole body

of our relations with Egy] the settlement of all qi

g -owing out of Arabi's re e left Egypt in April, 188 lordship was created an ] baron in 1850 ; nominated a of St. Patrick in 1863; ap Lord-Lieutenant of the coi Down in 1864 ; sworn a Councillor December 12, 18( made an Earl of the Uniteo dom in November, 1871 ; and a G.C.B. in 1883. In addi the works already mentioi Earl of Duff erin hjM written works in Ught literature, them a satire on high life nineteenth century, entitles Honourable Impulsia Gushi He is also the author of Emigration and the Tenure < in Ireland;" "Mr. Mill's I the Pacification of Irela mined ; " and, " Contributioi Inquiry into the State of Ii A collection of his "Speed Addresses" was published under the editorship ot Mr. Milton. The earl married, Harriet, eldest daughter of Captain Archibald Bowan ton, of Eillyleagh Castle, co by whom he has several chi DUFFY, The Hon. Sm C Gavan, K.C.M.G., was \ Monaghan in 1816, descend native family which produc nent scholars and ecdesiast the period of the English I (1172), the Irish chiefs i embassy to Bome, consisting archbishops, one of whom I Celtic name which is Angli< Charles Duffy. In his tv year Mr. Duffy became su of the Dublin Morning Regit a little later editor of an in! journal in Belfast. He reti Dublin in 1842, and establii Nation in conjunction with Davis and John Dillon. 1 Hon, which was a journal lar|^est circulation and the j inmience that had appea Ireland, was the organ of w