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the Young Ireland Part;

cultivated and indepei ion of the Irish organizi ,YOur of legislative ind

A remarkable literatu] p in connection with tl tte of Mr. Duffy's contr to which, the "Balla Ireland/' has run throng ions. In 1844 Mr. Duf I and convicted of sed ig with O'Connell; tl 1, however, was set asid I, by the House of Lord O'Connell quarrelled wil g Ireland Party, and the id the Irish Conf ederatio: Mr Duffy was one of tl He was tried with tl iders of that body f jlony in 1848, but aft- ctments it was found ii to procure a convictio revived the Nation, whi<

suppressed, and oppos< tnas Bedington, Unde ' for Ireland in tl ent which had prosecute

defeated that gentienu Boss, for which borou^ Y was elected member 3. It should be mention- Duffy had been called

in 1846; but he on

for a short period. 1

of the founders of t jeague, and, in connecti- iderick Lucas and Geor [oore, of the Independe rty in the House of Coi hich sprang out of t

The defection of a lar •f that party induced hi

his seat in Parliament m he emigrated to Austi practised for some time

in Melbourne, but ^ rawn back to politics, a: became Minister of Pu

s in the first administi

er responsible govemme »ria. In 1858 he becai

of Lands, which office cepted in a third admin in 1862.- Mr. Duffy i^