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\, and manufactures. M. as chairman of the jury, 1 the Great Exhibition of london; retired from the Jan. 9^ 1851 ; and was ident of the Senate from 163. He has contributed 1 literature a number of m chemical subjects ; was Commander of the Legion r, April 27, 1845 j Grand »ec. 29, 1855 ; and Grand ig. 14, 1863. In 1868 he >d permanent Secretary of my of Sciences. M.Dumas the first Faraday Lecture > Chemical Society of Lon- B 17, 1869. He was a f the International Mone- nission (1875-76) ; and on 1876, he was installed a f the French Academy in . to the late M. Guizot. LUBIEB, Georoe Louis L BussoN, artist, was born

1834, and educated in

is a British subject. His

jnts on his father's side ^es from Brittany during of Terror. He came over d at the age of seventeen, ed chemistry under Dr. ►n at University College,

Afterwards he studied n Paris under the famous re. He first began to

wood in England for \ekt afterwards for Punch

Comhill Magazine, and itly he joined the Punch '. Du Maurier has iUus- Ssmond," " The Story of ," and many other books. JHEN, Johannes, Egyp- bom Oct. 15, 1833, at

near Grossglogan, in tiere he received the first >f culture from his father, a clergyman. He after- iied at the Glogan gym- nd at the universities of id Breslau, in theology flogy. After acting as itor for some years, he orted to Berlin for the

purpose of studying the Egyptian language and antiquities under Prof. Lepsius. In Oct. 1862, he went upon an archaeological expe- dition to Egypt, under the auspices of the Prussian government. When there, he extended his travels to Nubia and the Soudan, and spent several years altogether in the Nile valley, returning in April, 1865, with a bulky portfolio of the in- scriptions he had copied, and copious notes of his wanderings. In 1868 he went to Egypt a second time at the command of the King of Prussia, and added considerably to the number of his photographs of the monuments. The results of these travels appeared in a splendid work published at Berlin in 2 vols., 1869-70. The opening of the Suez Canal afforded him a third oppor- timity of visiting the Nile coim- tries at the special invitation of the Khedive. On this occasion he acted as the cicerone of the Prussian Crown Prince on his travels through Egypt. Besides the work already referred to should be mentioned his " Baukunde der Tempelanlagen von Dendera" (Leipzig, 1865); " G^ographische Inschriften " (2 vols., Leipz., 1865-66, and a vol. of text) J " Altagypt. Kalendarin- schriften" (120 plates, Leipz., 1866); "Altagypt. Tempelinschriften" (2 vols., Leipz., 1867) ; " Die Flotte einer agypt. Kftnigin" (33 plates, with text, Leipz., il868, and simul- taneously in English, having been translated by the author's wife, who is an Englishwoman) ; " Historische Inschriften Altiigypt. Denkmaler " (2vols.,fol.,Le'ipz.,1867-69) ; "Eine Altagypt. Gretreiderechnimg "

(Leipz., 1870), besides numerous contributions to Lepsius and Brugsch's "Journal for the Egyp- tian Language and Antiquities." Herr DUmichen is now Prof, of E^ptology at Strasburg.

DUMMLEB, Ernst Ludwio, a German historian, was born at Berlin Jan. 2, 1830, studied at Bonn and Berlin, and settled in