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lished when she was nineteen, has since been many times reprinted in popular editions^ and since that time she has devoted herself en- tirely to literature, contributing to Punch, the Oraphic, the Pall Mall Gazette, Fraser' 8 Magazine, and other leadine periodicals, and publishing seyeral novels, the most popular of which are "Doctor Jacob," and " Kitty j" but all have been re- printed in America, and on the Continent, and in several editions at home. Among her miscellaneous contributions to literature may be mentioned "A Winter with the Swallows in Algeria,*' " A Year in Western France," "Mrs. Punch's Letters to Her Daughter," in Pvneh, " History of the International Working - Men's Association," in Frater*t Maganine, besides a vast number of critical and social pa- pers, and several works for the young. Miss Betham-Edwards is cousin to Amelia Blandford Ed- wards, author of " Barbara's His- tory."

EGGER, Emilie, member of the Institute, born at Paris, July 18, 1813, is of German extraction. He received his degree of Doctor in Letters in 1833 ; was professor in various college in Paris, and first became known by his editorship of new editions of the works of Varro, Longinus, and fragments of Festus and Verrius Flaccus. In 1839 he g^ned the prize offered by the Aca- d^mie des Inscriptions et Belles- Lettres for " Examen Critique des Historiens Anciens de la Vie et du R^gne d'Auguste," which was pub- lished at Paris in 1844. He was appointed Mattre de Conferences at the Normal School, and Assistant Professor of Greek literature to the Paris Faculty of Letters ; was elected a member of the Acad^mie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres in 1854, in place of M. Gu^rard, and was decorated with the Cross of the Legion of Honour in 1845, was advanced to the grade of Officer in 1866, and to that of Commander

in 1879. M. Egger is the author of "Latin! Sermonis Vetustioris Beliquia Selectee," published in 1843 ; " M^thode pour ^tadier TAocentuation Greoque," in 1844, in conjunction with M. Galosk^; " Aper9U sur les Origines de la Lit- t^rature Greoque," in 1846 ; " Essai sur THistoire de la Critique ches les Grecs," in 1850 ; " Notions £1^ mentairee de Grammaire oomparfe, pour servir k I'^tude des trois I langues classiques," in 1852; " Apol- I lonius Dyscole," in 1854 1 "Con- I sid^rations Historiques sur lee ' Trait^s Intemationauz ches les Grecs et ches lee Romains," in 1856; "M^moires de litt^rature Ancienne," in 1862; "M^moires d'Histoire Ancienne et de Philo- logie," in 1868 ; "Observations sur un Proc^d^ de Derivation tr^ frequent dans la Lan^ue Fran- ^aise," in 1864 ; and other works. M. Egger has ocmtributed articles to various reviews and periodicals.

EGGLESTON, Edwabd, D.D., bom at Vevay, Indiana, Dec. 10, 1887. He attended various schools and academies until his seventeenth year, but continued ill-health pre- vented a regular attendance at any of them, and finally compelled him to substitute home study for a collegiate course. He besan preaching at a very early age ; but his first r^^ular pastorate was at St. Peter, Minnesota (then on the Indian frontier), in 1857-8. He was appointed a general agent of the Bible Society in 1858 ; pastor of the Market Street Methodist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1859-60 ; of the Methodist Church at Stillwater, 1860-61 ; of the Jack- son Street Methodist Church is St. Paul, 1862-63 ; and of the Me- thodist Church at Winona, Min- nesota, 1864-65. From 1866 to 1870 he was editor of the I/iiU Corporal, the Naiumal Sunday School Teacher, and other periodicals in Chicago. In 1870 he removed to Brooluyn, New York, and becaaie literary editor of the New Tort