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he was annually snccessfal at the competition for prizes in yarions dei)artments. The earliest work of art he exhibited in public was a drawing in water-colours from the "Old English Baron." He soon after commenced oil-painting, exercising his brush on such sub- jects as £>aught-players and shep- herd boys. Mr. Faed became an Associate of the Soyal Scottish Academy in 1849, and after exe- cuting, among other approved works of art, the popular picture of " Scott and his Friends at Abbotsford," settled permanently in London in 1852, and began to exhibit at the Boyal Academy. In 1855 his work, "The Mitherless Bairn," elicited from critics the praise of being "the picture of the season." In 1856 Mr. Faed exhibited "Home and the Homeless';" and in 1857, "The First Break in the Family;" his more recent pictures being " Sunday in the Backwoods," " His only Pair," "From Dawn to Sunset," " Baith Faither and Mither," and " The Last o' the Chm." Mr. Faed was made A.R.A. in 1859, and R.A. in 1864. He was elected an hono- rary member of the Vienna Royal Academy in Jan., 1875.

FAGGE, Chablbs Hilton, M.D., F.E.S., was born at Hjrthe, Kent, in 1838, and educated at Guy's Hospital. He graduated M.B. in the University of London, with high honours, in 1861, and proceeded to the degree of M.D. in the follow- * ing year. In 1870 he became a Fellow of the Eoyal College of Physicians, London. He was ap- pointed Assistant - Physician at Guy's Hospital in 1867 ; Physician in 1880 ; Lecturer on Pathology in 1873 ; nnd Examiner in Medicine in the University of London in 1879. He is the author of many original papers and memoirs in the Proceed- ings of the Royal Society, the Guv's Hospital Reports, the Medico-Chi- rurg^cal Transactions, and the Medical Journals ; and editor of "The Guy's Hospital Reports;"

and translator of Hebra's work o "Diseases of the Skin," for tb New Sydenham Society.

PAIDHERBE, Louis htov Ci 8AS, a French general, born at Lilli June 3, 1818, studied first at th college of his native town, entere the Polytechnic School at Pari and next proceeded to that of Met which he left in 1842, with the ran of lieutenant in the first regimei of engineers. He commenced hi military career in Algeria, whei he was stationed during the yeai 1844 and 1845; and in 1848 he wei to Guadaloupe with the rank < captain. Being habituated to lii in the tropics, and acqiiainted wit questions of colonization, whic he had thoroughly studied durin his residence in the AntiUes, I addressed in 1850 a demand to tl Ministry of War to be attached 1 the staff at Senegal ; but as thei happened to be no vacancy at ti time, he returned to Algeria, whei he constructed the advanced fort < Bou-Saada, took part in the can paign against the Kabyles undc General Saint-Amaud, 1851 ; an in the expedition in the highlanc under General Bosquet, 1852. Th services he rendered at the time ( the disaster which brought this lai expedition to an end, procured f< him the Cross of the Legion < Honour. At the end of the san year he was, in consequence of h reiterated requests, sent to Senega and after a residence of two yeaj there he had acquired such an e: tensive and accurate knowledge < the wants, the dangers, the econom; and the practiced policy of tl colony, that M. Duces, the Minist of Marine, did not hesitate to ei trust him, in 1854, with the supren government of the French posse sions in Senegal. M. Faidherl therefore devoted his whole energii to the task he had so long desired 1 undertake, namely, the renovatic of the colony, and it took him i less than seven years to accomplie it. After a warfare of four year