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i, he recaptured from the he left bank of the river 1858; annexed the coasts of le, Saloum, and Oasamanza ; led a system of fortresses, md wooden blockhouses, guaranteed the security of itry, and also a network of telegraphs ; opened new [ at Dagana, Podor, Matan, 16 ; and finally waged a war mination against the Pro- -Hadji-Omar, who had con- be vast project of founding snse Mussulman empire in Africa, by driving out the rs, and uniting the native 1 a kind of confederation, r, which was a question of death for the colony, and pread over a territory no n 300 leagues in extent, is if military exploit of M. be. It terminated in 1860 ubmission of the Apostle of After having crowned his king by establishing regular 3 with Caylor, a powerful lich separates the two im- French establishments at is and Goree, he quitted in order to take the com- l the subdivision at Sidl- es, having been previously jd Lieutenant - Colonel of irs in 1865, and Colonel in )uring his absence from the bhe Atlantic, the programme p by him was disregarded by Verities, and affairs came to

Consequently, on May 20, e Minister of Marine again

he intervention of M. Paid-

¥ho, raised to the rank of

of Brigade, resumed the

government in Senegal,

ars later the state of his lompelled him to return to a ily climate, and accordingly

appointed to the chief d of the subdivision of L Algeria. During the dis- war between Prance and y. General Paidherbe acted cuous part, being nominated

in Nov., 1870, to the chief command of the Army of the North (22nd corps). In July, 1871, he was returned to the Assembly for three departments— the Nord, the Pas- de-Calais, and the Somme — ^but in the following month he resigned his position as deputy, in consequence of his conviction that the Assembly was assuming duties other than those conferred upon it by the electors, and also because he en- tirely disapproved the disbanding of the National Guards. He was afterwards sent by the French Government on a scientific mission to Upper Egypt, and on his return the towns of Saint -Quentin and Amiens presented him with a sword of honour. He was elected a Senator in Jan., 1879. General Faidherbe is the author of "Notice sur la Colonic du S^n^gal et sur les Pays qui sont en relations avec elle," 1859 J " L'Avenir du Sahara et du Soudan," 1863; "Chapitres de Geo- graphic sur le Nord -Guest de I'Afrique, avec une carte de oes contr^es, k Tusage des ^coles de la S6n6gambie, 1865; "Eecherches Anthropologiques sur les Dolmens d'Algerie," 1868 ; " Inscriptions Lybiques et Aper^us Ethnogra- phiques sur les Numides," 1870; "Campagne de I'Armee du Nord en 1870-71," Paris, 1871 ; "Essai sur la langue Poule," 1875; and a large number of articles in periodical publications.

PAIEBAIEN, Sib Thomas, Bart., eldest surviving son of the late Sir William Fairbaim, Bart., LL.D., P.E.S., was born in Man- chester in 1823, and received a private education. A long resi- dence in Italy afforded him oppor- tunities for the study and apprecia- tion of art, and induced him to make efforts for its encouragement in this country, esx>ecially in con- nection with education. IJnder the signature of " Amicus " he has con- tributed, during many years, to the Times newspaper, on the relations between employers and employed.