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successor Dr. Butler ; and he held^ with great distinction^ the Head Mastership of Marlborough College from Jan., 1871, till April, 1876. Dr. Farrar was a select preacher before the University of Cambridge in 1868, and again in 1874-5, and he preached the Hulsean Lectures in 1870. He was an Honorary Chap- lain to the Queen from 1869 to 1873, when he was nominated one of Her Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary. In April, 1876, he was appointed to a canonry in Westminster Abbey and the rectory of St. Margaret's, vacant by the death of Canon Con- way. He was appointed Archdeacon of Westminster, April 24, 1883. Dr. Farrar is the author of the follow- ing works of fiction : — " Eric, or Little by Little," 1858; "JuHan Home,'* 1859 ; and " St. Winifred's, or the World of School," 1863. His philological works are — "The Origin of Language," 1860 ; "Chap- ters on Language," 1865 ; " Greek Grammar Etdes," Oth edition, 1865 ; " Greek Syntax," 3rd edition, 1867 j "Families of Speech," 1870; and " Language and Languages," being a revised edition of "Chapters on Language " and " Families of Speech," comprised in one volume, 1878. He has also published "A Lecture (before the Eoyal Institu- tion) on Public School Education," with notes, 1867 ; and edited " Es- says on a Liberal Education," 2nd edition, 1868. His theological works are — " The Pall of Man and other Sermons," 1865 ; " Seekers after God "(Sunday Library), 1869; "The Witness of History to Christ ; being the Hulsean Lectures for 1870," 1871 ; " The Silence and the Voices of God," a volume of sermons, 1873 ; "The Life of Christ," 2 vols., 1874, which reached its twelfth edition in a single year ; " Eternal Hope," a volume of sermons, 1878 ; " Life of St. Paul," 1879; and "The Early Days of Christianity," 2 vols., 1882. Besides these works. Dr. Farrar has been a contributor to Smith's " Dictionary of the Bible," Kitto's

" Biblical Cyclopaedia," the " En< dopsedia Britannica," the " Trai actions of the Ethnological Society and the " Quarterly Eeview ; " a published papers and lectures < livered before the Boyal Instituti( Sion College, the British Assoc tion, and the Church Congre some of which have led to importi modifications in the training giM in our public schools. Archdeac Farrar is Honorary Chaplain of i 2nd Volunteer Battalion Ro; Fusiliers.

FARRAR, The Rev. John, Wesleyan Minister, born at A wick, Northumberland, July : 1802, and educated at Woodhoi Grove School, near Leeds. He 1 came a Wesleyan minister in Ai 1822 ; governor and tutor of Abi House Wesleyan Theolo^cal Ini tution in 1839; dassicfu tutor Richmond College in 1843; ( vemor of Woodhouse €hrove Sch< in 1858; governor of Heading] College in 1868; secretary of t Wesleyan Conference from 1861 1863, and from 1859 to 1869 ; a president of the Wesleyan Conf( ence in 1864 and 1870. He is t author of a " Biblical and Theo gical Dictionary," an " Eodesias cal Dictionary; " " Proper Names Scripture;" and a "Manual Biblical Geography."

FARRE, Abthub, M.D., F.R. son of the late John Richard Far] M.D., was born in London, Mar 6, 1811. He received his gene] education at the Charterhouse sn at Cambridge, and his medi( education at that University and i Bartholomew's Hospital. He gi duated at Cambridge, M.B. in 18S and M.D. in 1841. He became Member of the Royal College Physicians in 1838^ and was elect a Fellow in 1843. He was lectiu on Comparative Anatomy at St. 6i tholomew's Hospital (1836-87), ai on Forensic Medicine (1838-40h Pi f essor of Obstetric Medicine, Kinj College, and Physician- Accouchev King's College Hospital, from IS-