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He was appointed con- ysician to King's College in 1863. He held the

Censor^ Examiner^ and

in the Eoyal College of 3 for the nsual periods^ appointed Harveian 1872. He was examiner ery in the Eoyal College ns during twenty-four \ Farre is Physician-Ex- y to the Queen J Physi- icheur to the Princess of le Duchess of Edinburgh ichess Marie of Kussia) ; ss Christian of Schleswig- Princess Helena of Great a,nd the Princess of Lein- i attended in her first it the late Princess Alice Darmstadt. He was Pre- the Royal Microscopical ring 1851 and 1852. Dr. so Honorary President of trical Society. He was ellow of the Royal Society He is author of the ar- ras and its Appendages," arts XLIX. and L. of the \ of Anatomy and Physio- >t physiological papers in ictions of the Royal and yal Microscopical Socie- Parre is a Deputy-Lieu- Merionethshire. ^, Helen, daughter of it, an actress of consider- 3, born in 1816, made her rut in London, Jan. 5, >vent Garden, in the cha- ilia, in the "Hunchback," red a distinguished suc- at once took rank as a tress, and became an im- jmber of Mr. Macready's

during the production laksperian revivals, at irden and Drury Lane. 1 Paucit was the original tive of the heroines in on's "Lady of Lyons,"

"The Sea Captain," I," and the " Duchess de

" in Mr. Robert Brown-

fford," the " Blot on the

Scutcheon," and "Colombe's Birth- day ; " in Mr. Westland Marston's " Patrician's Daughter," " The Heart and the World," and "Marie de Meranie;" in Mr. Troughton's "Nina Sforzaj" and in many other plays. Her rendering of the Shak- sperian characters JiUiet, Beatrice, Constance, Imogen, Portia, Rosa- Und, and Lady Macbeth, has been highly commended. Miss Helen Faucit obtained great success in her representation of "Antigen^," and in King Rent's Daughter," an adaptation from the Danish, by Mr. Theodore Martin, to whom she was married in 1851. This lady, who has continued to appear on the stage at rare intervals since her marriage, fulfilled an engagement at Drury-lane Theatre for a limited, number of nights in 1864 and 1865.

FAURE, Jean-Baptistb, singer, born at Moulines, Jan. 15, 1830, was educated at the Conservatoire, from 1843 to 1852, and made his d^hut at the Op^ra Comique in the latter year. M. Faure performed at the Opera House in Paris, in "Pierre de Medicis," Oct. 14, 1861. In 1857 he was appointed Professor of Singing to the Conservatoire, in succession to M. Frederic Pouchard, and has api)eared several seasons at the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden. He was nominated a Che- valier of the Legion of Honour in Dec. 1881.

FAWCETT, Henby, M.P., Pro- fessor of Political Economy at Cain- bridge, son of W. Fawcett, Esq., J.P. of Salisbury, born 1833, was educated at Trinity Hall, Cam- bridge, of which he was a scholar ; graduated in high mathematical honours in 1856, and was elected a Fellow of the society in the same year. Mr. Fawcett was totally de- prived of his sight by an accident when out shootmg in Sept., 1858. Having written and published " A Manu^ of Politial Economy," the " Economic Position of the British Labourer," 1865, and having been an extensive contributor of articles

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