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on economic and political science to yarious magazines and reviews^ he was elected, in 1863, Professor of Political Economy in the Univer- sity of Cambridge. He unsuocess- fuUy contested, on Liberal princi- ples, Southwark, in 1857, the borough of Cambridge, in 1862, and Brighton in Feb., 1864; was re- turned for the last-mentioned con- stituency at the general election in July, 1865; and was re-elected in

1868. He was unseated at Brighton at the general election of Feb., 1874, and was elected for Hackney in April of the same year. On the formation of Mr. Gladstone's administration in April, 1880, he was appointed Postmaster-General. The University of Wiirzburg, on the occasion of its tercentenary in 1882 conferred upon Mr. Fawcett the honorary degree of Docter in Poli- tical Economy. A new and revised edition of his " Manual of Political Economy" was published in 1869, with two new chapters on "National Education" and "The Poor Laws and their Influence on Pauperism," and another edition with some ad- ditional chapters was published in 1874. He has since published " Pauperism, its Causes and Keme- dies," 1871 ; " Speeches on some current Political Questions," 1873 ; and " Free Trade and Protection," 1878. Professor Fawcett married Millicent, daughter of Newson Gar- rett, Esq., of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, on April 23, 1867. Mrs. Fawcett, who was born in 1847, published in

1869, "Political Economy for Be- ginners;" in 1872 Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett published a joint volume of essays and lectures on political and economical subjecte; in 1874 Mrs. Fawcett published a little volume of " Tales in Political Economy ." Mrs. Fawcett has taken an active part in advocating the extension of the parliamentary suffrage te those women who fulfil the qualifications of property and residence demanded of the male electer.

FAWCETT, John Henbt, w bom on Dec. 11, 1831, being t eldest son of John Fawcett, Esq., Great Petterin Bank, Cumberlan J.P., D.L. for that county, by 1 wife, Sarah, daughter of J. Hod son, Esq., Clerk of the Peace f the county, and sister of Nichol Hodgson, for many years M.P. f the city of Carlisle and the coun of Cumberhmd. He was educated Bugby School under Dr. (afterwai Ardibishop) Tait, and at Cambrid( He was elected a scholar of Trini Hall in that university in 1851, a teok his degree as first-class in t law tripos in 1853. He was call te the bar at the Middle Temple Jan., 1857, and joined the northe circuit. He was appointed a rev ing barrister in 1868; unsucoe fully contested the borough Cockermouth in Feb., 1874, in t Conservative interest; was { pointed Assistant-Judge and Yi Consul at Constantinople in Jui 1875; and was Acting-Judge a Consul-(Jeneral from August, 18' to Feb. 14, 1877, when he v appointed Judge of the Supre: Consular Court of the Levant, a her Britannic Majesty's Cons General for Turkey. After the n of General Gourka across the B kans in July, 1877, and his sub quent retreat, Mr. Fawcett v requested by her Majesty's amb sador to proceed to the valley the Tundja to carry relief to t starving populations. He visil Eodosti, Adrianople, Philopoli,Tj tar Bascojick, Sofia, Korlosa, Ka far, Eesanlidc, SMpka, and 1 whole valley of the Timdja, and ; some weeks remained in the counl distributing relief to the sUfferi populations. Mr. Fawcett's o patehes to her Majest/s ambassac were the means of a large amoi of money being subscribed by 1 British public to the CompassicMu Fund. In May, 1878, he was quested by the Marquis of Sal bury to proceed to Volo, in Th saly, to investigate in concert wi


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