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Lcademical Institution and ty College, Dublin. He d to the Irish bar in 1838, mer bar in 1859 ; and ap- Deputy Keeper of the Records in Ireland in 1867. esident of the Boyal Irish ' ; an LL.D. honoris causd. In University; and hono- mber of the Society of ies of Scotland. Sir Is the author of "Lays of

em Gael," 1865 ; " Congal,

in Five Books," 1872; " 1880 ; " Shakesperian s," 1882 ; and of numerous bions to JBlackwood and the niversity Magazine, includ- e Forging of the Anchor," Tom and the Pope," *' The Cloak," and a series of rtx)rial tales, called " The n Nights' Entertain- As first Deputy Keeper Records in Ireland he has rged with the organization ecords Department in that and with the administra- he subsequent Acts for the aon of the Parochial Re-

the late Established

n Ireland. The honour of >od was conferred upon him , 1878, in acknowledgment literary and antiquarian He married, in 1848, Mary e, daughter of Robert R. I, Esq., The Farm, Still- >unty Dublin. USSON, James, D.C.L., rchitect, was born at Ayr, md, in 1808. His early 1 was commenced at the

hool at Edinburgh, and

is at a private school in , whence he passed to the - house, and eventually i to India, where he be- active partner in a large le establishment, in which ned some years. At length ip business, and journeyed various parts of the East, ith a view of studying the architecture these coun-

tries contained. One of the fruits of the direction given t< studies was, "Illustrations of Rock-cut Temples of India," ] lished in 1845, the plates, worl plans, and sections, as well as text, being from his own hi "Picturesque Illustrations of cient Architecture in Hindosti and an " Essay on the Anc Topography of Jerusalem," peared in 1847. His "Histoi Inquiry into the True Principle Art, more especially with refer( to Architecture," enforces m valuable truths ignored in moc practice. This volume is an im ment of a projected work in tl parts, which was to have compr a imiversal r^sum4 of past a Hindoo, Mohammedan, Gothic, The materials collected for work were used* in his "Handl of Architecture," published in 1 An "Essay on a Proposed 1 System of Fortification," by ea works, published in 1849, has I referred to with respect by con tent military authorities, and ceived a practical illustratioB the Russian defence of Sebasto and in the great military operat: of the Civil War in the Un States. A pamphlet of pract suggestions for the improvemen the British Museum and of National Gallery was followed 1 "New Design" for the lattei the Academy Exhibition of 1 Mr. Fergusson, who is the aul of "The Palaces of Nineveh Persepolis Restored,*' publishe( 1851, was the architect of Nineveh Court in the Cry Palace, Sydenham. Since 185J has been employed as one of Royal Commissioners appointee inquire into the defences of United Kingdom. In 1862 Fergusson published a " Histor the Modem Styles of Architectu as a sequel to the Handbooks, in 1865, that work being oul print, he remodelled the whole, published it as "A History D D 2