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Gk>Yeniinent with a grant 5000 acres of land. In as appointed Deputy Sur- leral of Western Australia, il to September, 1878, he I the Trigonometrical the Nickol Bay District Western Australia. From r, 1878, to January, 1879, IS Commissioner of Crown d Surveyor-General, with bhe Executive Council of f. In May, 1878, he was iy appointed Comptroller perial Establishments and lire in Western Australia. Lstice of the peace for the

'EB, Db. Ebnst Joachim, ied German art-critic and

brother of Frederick A. distinguished historian , who died in 1868, was lunchengosserstadt, April At first he applied himself dy of theology and philo- ut soon determined to imself to art, and accord- «red the studio of Peter at Munich. He was

in painting the frescoes la at Bonn, and those of x>thek and Uie Arcades at but his reputation rests L his discovery of several ictures, and on his works ^Uon of the history of art. est " find " was the frescoes >, which date as far back a the chapel of San Giorgio Of his works, which are

en in German, we may

ihree excellent guide-books >h, Italy, and Germany ; relating to the History of irt," 1835; "Letters on r 1838 J "History of Art ; " " Monuments of Architecture, Sculpture, ting," 1855 ; and a " His- alian Art," 1869. He has pnritten a life of Jean Paul ajid edited several of his

TEE, The Eight Hon.

William Edward, M.P., F.E.S is the only son of the late Williai Forster (who was for more tha half a century a minister of tl: Society of Friends, and who die when engaged on an anti-slavei mission in Tennessee), by Anni sister of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxtoi the first baronet. He was born i Bradpole, Dorsetshire, July 1 1818 ; received his education at tl Friends' School, Tottenham; an became a worsted manufacturer i Bradford. In 1846-7 he visitc some of the distressed districts i Ireland, and distributed a Famii Belief Fimd which had been raise by the Quakers. At the gener election of April, 1859, he can forward in the Liberal interest as candidate for the representation < Leeds, but was defeated, the nun bers being : — Edward Baines (L. 2,343; George S. Beecroft (C. 2,302; Forster, 2,280. In Fel 1861, at a bye-election, he wj returned without opposition f( Bradford, which he has continue to represent down to the presei time. At the general election ( July, 1865, he was re-elected wit! out opposition, and at the gener election of Nov., 1868, he wi returned at the head of the pol the numbers being: — Forste 9,468; H. W. Eipley (L.), 9,34: Edward Miall (L.), 8,768. M Forster was Under-Secretary f«  the Colonies in Lord Eussell's a ministration, from Nov., 1865, ti July, 1866, and was Vice-Preside; of the Committee of Coimcil < Education from Dec, 1868, to Fel 1874. He was sworn of iiie Pri^ Council in 1868, and admitted member of the Cabinet in 1870. I displayed remarkable tact ai ability in passing through tl House of Commons the Educati* Bill in 1870 and the Ballot Bill 1872, though he gave great offen to the Nonconformists by his a vocacy of the famous 25tii clauE WTien Mr. Gladstone retired fro the leadership of the Opposition E E 2