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He was educated at the Grammar School, and at the Marischal College and University of his native city, and became sub-editor of one of the local papers (under the late Joseph Eobertson, the eminent historian and antiquary) and contributor to the "poet's comer" of another, while still a student, making dra- matic and musical criticism his special care. Early in 1844 he came to London ; the year afterwards he visited France, and subsequently the United States of America. On his return he aided materially in opening up the Salmon resources of Norway, and carried on a corre- spondence with the French autho- rities on the artificial propagation of the fish, long before any practical results of the knowledge obtained became visible in England. Mr. Forbes-Eobertson studied English literature at University College, and in due time identified himseU with that branch of it, viz., art criticism, which he afterwards made a profes- sion. To perfect himself for its duties he visited most of the chief European galleries, and has always been on terms of familiar intimacy with many of those men who have given art emphasis and character to the last thirty years. Mr. Forbes- Eobertson was editor for several years of Art, Pictorial and Industrial, art editor of the Pictorial World, and has been on the staff of most of those London journals which make art a feature. For the last ten years he has been chief art-critic on the Art Journal, and contributes largely to the Illustrated London News and the Magazine of Art. He is the author of several brochures of special art-criticism, and in 1877 he published a large quarto volume entitled "The Great Painters of Christendom," which was most favourably reviewed both in this country and in America. Mr. Forbes-Eobertson is well-known in London and elsewhere as a success- ful lecturer on the history of art. His eldest son, Johnston Forbes-

Eobertson, has won for himself recognised position both as painter and an actor.

FOEMAN, Habbt Buxton, bo in London, July 11, 1842, was ed cated at Teignmouth, and was a pointed in 1860 to a Junior Clei ship in the Secretary's Departme of the General Post Office, whe he is now one of the Princij Clerks. He is the author of " O Living Poets ; an Essay in Cri cism (1871), and editor of t Library Edition of "The Poeti( Works of Percy Bysshe Shellej 4 vols. (1876-7, reprinted 1882 " The Prose Works of Percy Byss Shelley," 4 vols. (1880); an u annotated edition of Shelle; poetry in two volumes (1882 and of " Letters of John Keats Fanny Brawne " (1878) ; the Libra Edition of "The Works of Jo] Keats in Verse and Prose " (188: Mr. Forman has been a contribut of critical articles, mainly of serious kind, to the Fortnighi Review, the Pine Arts Quurta Review, the Contemporary Revit Macmillan's Magazine, the Qent man's Magazine, and the Lond Quarterly Review.

FOEEEST, John, F.E.G. Honorary Fellow of the Eoj Geographical Societies of Ita Vienna, and St. Petersbm Knight of the Italian Cro¥ entered the Survey Department Western Australia, 18iS5, and 1869 was selected to command exploring expedition into t interior in search of Dr. Leichhf and party. In 1870 he command an exploring expedition from Cha pion Bay on the West Coast Australia to the overland telegra line between Adelaide and P< Darwin without the aid of came with horses only. For these &< vices he received the thanks of t Governor and the Legislati Council, and was awarded the g( medal of the Eoyal G«ograpbi( Society of London, May 22, 18^ and was also presented by t