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rear later (Nov., 1881) he

hia position to accept

(cretary of the Treasury Qt Arthur's Cabinet. The

State Republican Con- i September, 1882, nomi- as Governor, but he was I November by the largest nearly 200,000) ever cast candidate in any of the ites.

3LLE, Wilfrid de, a Lcronaut and jwpular scientific subjects, born n 1828, was originally a

mathematics, but first lown to the public as a

and as a popular ex- ' scientific knowledge, ars he has made nume- on ascents, in order to icientific experiments at ades. During the siege e escaped from the city K)n, and proceeding to

ave a series of confer-

which he expatiated on its of the Republican ovemment. His prin- entific works are, — e Fossil," 1865 ; " Les , du Monde Invisible/' iclairs et Tonnen*es," slated into English by pson, under the title of

and Lightning," 8vo, J68 ; " L*Astronomie Mo- i68. An account of the cents made by M. Fon- . Glaisher, and others, 1 French in 1870, and an unslation was published der the title of " Travels •." In addition to the tioned works, M. Fon- written several political In 1879 he published i se ,font les miracles en

rEgHse," a work in 3 views from the common- d-point the pretensions list mediums. 3, Archibald, journalist, 18, is a native of Moray- Land. After studying at

the University of Aberdeen he served for several years in the Royal Dragoons, and his know- ledge of the practical details of military affairs stood him in good stead when, accepting a journalis- tic career as special correspondent for the Daily News, he accompanied the German army from the com- mencement to the close of the Franco-German war. Later, in the same capacity, he witnessed the close of the Commime, visited India during the famine of 1874, saw fighting in Spain, at one time with Carlists, at another with Republicans, at a third with Alfonsists. In the capacity of re- presentative of the Daily News, he accompanied the Prince of Wales in the tour of his Royal Highness through India in 1875-6. In the summer and autumn of 1876 he was in Servia, and was present at all the important fights of that campaign. He made the Russo- Turkish campaign in the summer and autumn of 1877, attached to the Russian army, and was present at the crossing of the Danube, the capture of Bjela, the advance of the Cesarewitch's army towards Rustchuk, the disastrous battle of Plevna on July 3rd, the severest fighting in the Shipka Pass, and the five days' attack by the Rus- sians on Plevna, in September, re- maining continuously in the field until attacked by fever in the middle of September. In 1878 he proceeded to Cyprus as special correspondent of the Daily News. Among his works are " Drawn from Life," a military novel ; " My Ex- periences of the War between France and Germany j" and "Sol- diering and Scribbling : a Series of Sketches," 1872.

FORBES - ROBERTSON, John, art critic and journalist, is lineally descended from the Forbeses of Tolquhon, Thanes of Formartin. He is the son of the late John Robertson, merchant in Aberdeen, and was born there, Jan. 30, 1822.