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»ter. The Emperor Francis- is tall and handsome. At to he gave proof of bravery ing almost to rashness. In 854, he married the Princess th Amalie Eugenie, daughter >uke Maximilian-Joseph, and on her mother's side, to the Bavaria. In 1857 the Em- nd Empress paid a visit to talian and Hungarian do- I, and granted an amnesty to 1 offenders. The Beichsrath larged by imperial patent 5, 1860, and the Emperor aed the principle of the ibility of ministers May 1, The plenipotentiaries of , P^pussia, and Denmark, Led at Vienna to consider rms of a peace July 26, hich was concluded Oct. 30. 1 1865 the Emperor liberated Lanffiewicz, the Polish in- j. The Ministerial Council constituted July 27. The tion of Gastein, signed Aug. S, which transferred the go- nt of Schleswig to Prussia, at of Holstein to Austria, !W days afterwards confirmed Emperor and the King of , at Salzburg. The Emperor an important manifesto to >ple Sept. 20, in which' he ed very conciliatory inten- wards tiie people of Hungary oatia. The Emperor again Hungary, in order to open 3t, in Dec, 1863. The rati- s of a treaty of commerce a Austria and England were gred in Jan., 1866. The Em- kud Empress visited Pesth- m. 29, where they remained iiarch 5. The armaments

Prussia commenced, and

8 of war were established in sles of Prague, Pisek, Tabor, sen, in March, 1866. An im- rder was issued May 6,placing Lole army on a war footing, icentratmg the Army of the on the frontiers of Bohemia esia. The Emperor published

a manifesto relative to the impend- ing contest, June 17, the Prussian minister having received his pass- ports June 12. The Emperor showed much devotion in the struggle which ensued, and the fortunes of war having been adverse, at once made peace and applied his energies to the difficult task of reconstructing the empire. In this work he was powerfully aided by Count Beust, the late Prime Minister of Saxony, whom he summoned to his councils in Oct., 1866, and who remained in office as his principal Minister until Nov., 1870, when he resigned, and was succeeded by Count Andrassy. One of the principal results of the policy pursued by Count Beust was the coronation of the Emperor at Pesth, as King of Hungary, June 8, 1867. The Emperor waa present at the opening of the Isthmus of Suez Canal in Nov., 1869. In 1871 he had a memorable interview at Gastein with the Emperor of Ger- many ; and there was a meeting of the Emperors of Germany, Eussia, and Austria at Berlin in the autumn of 1872. The Emperor of Austria visited the Emperor of Russia at St. Petersburg in Feb., 1874. In 1878 the Congress of Berlin sanc- tioned the occupation by Austria of the provinces of Bosnia and Herze- govina.

FRANCIS, Francis, was born in 1822, at Seaton, in Devonshire. His father's name was Morgan ; he took the name of Francis under the will of the late Mr. Francis Francis. He was educated at St. Paul's Ghrammar School, Southsea, and adopted the profession of a civil engineer, but did not follow it. In 1869 he was appointed a Commis- sioner of Fisheries in Ireland, and inspected all the fisheries of France, England, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. He is a director of the Hummum, or Turkish Bath, and was for many years Naturalist Director to the Brighton Aquarium, during which period he had the honour of conducting the whole of