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the Boyal Princes over the building at various times. Mr. Francis has for nearly a quarter of a century been the editor of the fishery department of the Field. He has written many works on fishing and the fisheries, notably "A Book on Angling/' " Angliig," " Pish Culture," "The Angler's Register, "Reports on Sahnon LaSders," " By Lake and Eiver," and " Sport- ing Sketches," besides many works of fiction. He has always been an energetic agitator of fishery reforms and improvements, and with con- siderable success. He is the chair- man of the Thames Bights Defence Association, which was called into action to defend the fishery rights of the public against the encroach- ments of riparian owners. He is a frequent contributor to current literature, and has received medals from France and Australia for his services to the fisheries.

FBANKLAND, Edwabd, D.C.L., Ph.D., F.E.S., born at Churchtown, near Lancaster, Jan. 18, 1825, re- ceived his education at the Grammar School, Lancaster, the Museum of Practical Geology, London, and the Universities of Marburg and Gies- sen. He was appointed Professor of Chemistry in Owens College, Manchester, in 1851 ; in St. Bar- tholomew's Hospital in 1857 ; in the Boyal Institution of Great Britain in 1863 ; in the Boyal College of Chemistry (Boyal School of Mines), in 1865 ; and in the Normal School of Science, South Kensington Museum, in 1881. He was nomi- nated one of Her Majesty's Com- missioners for inquiring into the pollution of rivers in 18i58, elected President of the Chemical Society in 1871, and President of the Insti- tute of Chemistry in 1877. Dr. Frankland was elected in 1853 a Fellow of the Boyal Society; in 1866 a corresponding Member of the French Academy of Sciences; in 1869 a Foreign Member of the Boyal Academy of Sciences in Bavaria, and subsequently of the Academies

of Sciences of Berlin, St. FeU burg, and Bohemia. He is 1 author of " Besearches on the Isc tion of the BadicalB of Orga Compounds, and other Beseard in Organic Chemistry," for wh; he received, in 1857, a gold me from the Boyal Society; also "Besearches on the Manufacti and Purification of Coal-gas," the "Influence of Atmosphc Pressure on the Light of G Candle, and other Flames," " Winter Sanitariums in the A and elsewhere," on " The Purifi tion of Town Drainage and otl Polluting Liquids," and on 1 " Composition and Qualities Water used for Drinking and otl Purposes." He is also the jo: author, with Mr. J. Norman Locky of " Besearches connected with 1 Atmosphere of the Sun." In Fe 1882, he delivered a Friday eveni discourse " On Climate in Towns Country," at the Boyal Instituti of Great Britain, in which he si gested means for artificially p ducing a genial out-door dinu in England.

FBANKS, Augustus Woli^ TON, F.B.S., F.S.A., born in 18 was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, wh< he graduated 1849, andp ceeded M.A. in 1852. He is 1 author of a work on " Omamen Glazing Quarries," of a treatise " Vitreous Art in the Art Treasuj of the Manchester Exhibition," a editor of Eemble's " Horae Fenile He has contributed to the Traa actions of various archsDologii societies, was elected Director the Society of Antiquaries in 18 and is keeper of the department British and Mediaeval Antiquit and Ethnography in the Briti Museum.

FBANZOS, Karl Emil, a G man author, born Oct. 25, 1848, the house of the ranger of t forest of Bussian-PodoUa, dose the Austrian frontier, is the son a Jewish district physician at Cz<