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Galicia, by a German He was brought up in the wish village of Czorskow, red his early education in »1 of the Dominican mo- lere. Then, in accordance desire of his father, who 858, he proceeded to the rymnasium at Czemowicz, )m the year 1862, he was pendent on his own exer- a livelihood. A proof of r and success with which d himself to the study of sal languages is his trans-

the Eclogues of Virgil >oric of Theocritus. Being nd therefore having no btaining an apjKjintment, obliged to abandon the philology as a means of [, and he now applied 1867-71), at Vienna and he study of jurisprudence,

with equal zeal, to the

history and philosophy, le represented, as deputy, nts of Vienna at the Ber- rtellkongress ; " and he sd, in 1869, the German Buchenblatter," a sort of

In 1871 he was concerned J in consequence of an ► the students of Graz, iict^d as a rebel. After r he passed with distinc- examination as an advo- long practised at the bar ess, but ultimately he re- ) adopt the career of a lal author. At the outset

to journalism, first at nd afterwards (1872-3) at atil he was enabled, in ind his means of subsist- Titing books. In 1877 he and since then he has

passed the winter at md the summer and au-

travels which have ex- all parts of Europe — cul- and semi-barbaric, i.e., urkey, and Hungary — and lis chief power as a writer in ethnographical descrip-

tion, especially in the form romance. Among his works ar " Semi-Asiatic Life : Pictures Civilisation in Galicia, the Bu owina, South-Eusaia, and Bourn nia," 2nd ed., 2 vols., 1878 ; " Frc the Don to the Danube : NewPictui of Semi-Asiatic Life," 2 vols., 187 " Young Love," two stories, 187 " The Jews of Bamow," tales, 3 ed. ; " Moschko of Parma," t story of a Jewish soldier, and "T Witch," a [novel, 1880. Franz is still a large contributor to t feuilletons of the Neue Frei Pres His latest work, *' Der Praesideni ("The President"), is anovel whi was first published as afeuilleton the St. Petersburg Zeitung (188c and since in book form.

FBASEB, Alexander Cam BELL, LL.D., F.B.S.E., professor logic and metaphysics in t) University of Edinburgh, was bo in Sept., 1819, at Ardchattan, c Argyll, of which parish his fath was minister; his mother being sister of Sir Duncan Campbell, Barcaldine. He was educated the University of Edinburgh, ai in 18 i2 obtained the universi prize for an essay on " Toleration He early devoted himself to phi] sophy and literature. In 1850 " became editor of the North Briti Review, which he conducted t 1857. In the previous year ] entered on the duties of his prese chair, as successor to Sir Willia Hamilton. Since 1859 he has al held the office of Dean of t Faculty of Arts, and taken an acti part in matters of University ref on In 1871 he was chosen one of t examiners in the Moral Scien Tripos of the University of Caj bridge, and in the same year '. received the honorary degree Doctor of Laws from the Universi of Glasgow. Since 1872 ho h acted as Examiner in Moi Science and Logic at the Ind Civil Service Examinations. 1877 he was chosen to represent t Senatus Academicus in the Edi