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burgh University Court ; and in 1883 he was created an honorary D.C.L. of the University of Oxford. During the last thirty years Pro- fessor Campbell Fraser has contri- buted numerous articles^ chiefly philosophical, educational, and bio- graphical> to the North British Review, MacmiUan's Magatine, and other periodicals and encyclopaedias. In 1856 he published "Essays in Philosophy," and in 1858 " Rational Philosophy." In 1871 he produced a " Collected Edition of the Works of Bishop Berkeley, with Disserta- tions and Annotations," and in the same year a "Life of Bishop Berkeley, and many of his writings hitherto unpublished, with an ac- count of his Philosophy," both of them published by the Oxford Clarendon Press. These were fol- lowed in 1874 by " Selections from Berkeley, with a historical intro- duction," and in 1881 by a mono- graph on " Berkeley," in Black- wood's Philosophical Classics. He is now preparing a volume on " John Locke, to accompany an annotated edition of the "Essay on Human Understanding," for the Clarendon Press.

FRASER, The Right Rev. Jambs D.D., Bishop of Manchester, son of James Fraser, Esq., late of Heavi- tree, Exeter, was born at Prest- bury, near Cheltenham, in 1818. He was educated at Bridgnorth school, at Shrewsbury school, under Dr. Butler, and at Lincoln CoUege, Ox- ford. He obtained the Ireland scholarship in that University in 1839, and took his B.A. degree the same year, gaining a first class in classics. In 1840 he was elected a Fellow of Oriel College. He acted as Tutor there for five years, and then, in 1847, accepted the college living of Cholderton, in Wiltshire, which he exchanged for that of Upton Nervet, near Reading, in 1860. During his connection with the diocese of Salisbury, he became chaplain to the late Bishop Hamil- ton, Chancellor of Salisbury Cathe-

dral, one of its Prebendaries, a chaplain to the Salisbury Dioces Training School. Mr. Fraser i select preacher in the University Oxford in 1854-56, and again 1862-64. He took an active part connection with education Tin< the Duke of Newcastle's Comm sion in 1858-60, to which he p sented a valuable " Report on £ mentary Education in England He was also Assistant Commissioi in the Schools Inquiry Conmiiss: of 1865, to which he reported on I educational systems of the Unii States and Canada. This latter port, which fills a bulky volui was reprinted at Sydney in 18 by order of the Legislative Asse bly of Nei¥ South Wales. I Fraser was nominated a membei the Commission appointed in II to inquire into the employment women and children in agricultu In Jan., 1870, he was selected the Prime Minister^ Mr. Gladsto to succeed the late Dr. Prince 1 in the bishopric of Manchest He was accordingly consecral March 25, 1870, having, on the I of the previous month, been creai D.D. at Oxford by diploma. 1 lordship is the author of " Six S mons preached before the Uni vera of Oxford," 1855; "The Revii Code of the Committee of Coue on Education, its Principles, T^ dencies, and Details, considered a Letter to the Lord Bishop Salisbury J with an Append reviewing Sir J. K. ShutUewort Letter to Earl Granville," 1861 Charge delivered at his Primi Visitation in the Cathedral, M Chester, Dec. 3 and 4, 18' " Cathedrals and Utilitarianism^ sermon preached at the re-open of Chester Cathedral in 1872 Speech delivered at the gi demonstration held in the F Trade Hall at Manchester^ A] 14, 1873; and of numerous sin sermons preached on special oc sions. He married, Jan. 15, IS Agnes Ellen Frances, eld