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styled since his father's xilaimed Emperor of Ger- id a visit to this country i71), accompanied by the and^ after spending a few

London^ their Imperial les became the guests of a at Osborne. The Prince

Jan. 25, 1858, Victoria , Princess Royal of Great by whom he has seven —Frederick William Vic- rt, born Jan. 27, 1859; Elizabeth Augusta Char- m July 24, 1860; Albert

Henry, born Aug. 20, rederica Amelia Wilhel- toria, born April 12, 1866 ; Frederick Ernest Walde- n Feb. 10, 1868; Sophia Ulrica Alice, born June 14, id Margaret Beatrix Feo- n April 22, 1872. [)ERICK WILLIAM

Grand Duke of Baden, )t. 9, 1826, succeeded his le Grand Duke Leopold, as April 24, 1852, to the ex- f his elder brother Louis, I mentally incapable of g. Since 1853 he has been Uy engaged in struggles

ecclesiastical power, and nd of 1855 banished the •om the duchy. In Sept., had a narrow escape from tion. He assumed the title L Duke Sept. 5, 1856, and a daughter of William I. lia, Sept. 20. An ardent

of German unity, he be-

ally of Prussia in the l^erman war (1870-71), and 3nese soldiers contributed lall degree to the triumph irman arms.

MAN, Edward AuausTus, jL.D., son of the late John , Esq., of Somerleaze, omerset, and of Pedmore )rcestershire, was born at 3, Staffordshire, in 1823. elected Scholar of Trinity Oxford, in 1841, Fellow

Honorary Fellow, 1880,

filled the office of Examiner in the School of Law and Modern History in 1857-8 and in 1863-4, and in the School of Modern History in 1873. He was created honorary D.C.L. by the University of Oxford at the installation of the Marquis of Salisbury in 1870, and honorary LL.D. by the University of Cam- bridge in 1874; honorary member of the Imperial University of St. Petersburg, 1877. He is also a Knight Commander of the Order of the Redeemer of Greece (1875), of the Order of Danilo of Monte- negro, and of the Order of Takova of Servia; Corresponding Member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg, of the Royal Academy of Lincei of Rome, of the Royal Society of Sciences of Gattingen, and of the Historical Sooiety of Massachusetts. He was an unsuccessful candidate for Mid- Somerset in 1868. On May 21, 1872, he delivered the Rede lecture at Cambridge, the subject being

  • ' The Unity of History." He has

written much on historical, poli- tical, and architectural subjects, and is the author of ** A History of Architecture," 1849 ; an " Essay on Window Tracery," 1850; "The Architecture of Llandaff Cathe- dral," 1851; "The History and Conquests of the Saracens," 1856 ; "The History and Antiquities of St. David's," — the latter conjointly with Dr. Basil Jones, the present Bishop of St. David's; "History of Federal Government," of which the first volume appeared in 1863 ; " History of the Norman Conquest," of which the five volumes appeared in 1867-76 ; "Old EngUsh History," 1869 ; " History of the Cathedral Church of Wells," 1870 ; "Growth of the English Constitution," 1872 ; " General Sketch of European His- tory," 1872 ; " Historical Essays," 3 series, 1872-9 ; " Comparative Poli- tics," 1873 ; " Disestablishment and Disendowment, what are they?" 1874; "Historical and Architec- tural Sketches, .chiefly Italian,"