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FHiEiHi£j .

>nonce dans la Cath^drale d'Or-

.ns h la fete du 8 Mai, 1867/' ris, 1867; "Orig^ne," 1868; and ^iscours et Pan^gyriques/' 1869. J has contributed ^tensively to 3 Monde newspaper. FREEE, The Eight Hon. Sib CNEY Babtle Edwabd, Bart., C.B., G.C.S.I., D.C.L., LL.D., B.S., Chancellor of the Univer- y of the Cape of Good Hope, bh son of the late Edward Frere, q., J.P. for Brecon and Mon- mth, grandson of John Frere, iq., M.P., F.R.S., of Eoydon, co. )rfolk, and Finingham, co. fifolk, and nephew of the late ght Hon. John Hookham Frere, .P., was born at Clydale, co. econ, March 29, 1815, and hav- 2^ received his early education as day scholar at King Edward the sth*s Foundation-School at Bath,

was sent to Haileybury College, lere he obtained gold medals in rr and mathematics, and prizes in litical economy and classics, and r two essays. In 1834 he entered e India Civil Service, being the st cadet of the Company's ser- 3e to make his way there by the erland route, and after holding tne revenue appointments, he- me in 1842 secretary to Sir jorge Arthur, then Governor of )mbay. He was appointed, in 47, British Resident at Sattara, lere he succeeded Sir James itram, and Chief Commissioner in od in 1850. For his eminent rvices during the Indian mutiny

was created a K.C.B. (civil di- 3ion) in 1859, and twice received e thanks of Parliament. He was sated a member of the Govemor- meral's Council in 1859, of which

acted as President in 1860. He ted as Financial Minister, in ad- bion to his own work, from the ath of the Eight Hon. James ilson till the appointment of Mr. ling, and again for six months bsequently during the illness of r. Laing. In March, 1862, he IS appointed Governor of Bom-

bay, from whence he returned to England early in 1867, when was created a Knight Grand ( of the Order of the Star of Ii and was nominated a membi Her Majesty's Indian Counc home, which post he held for years. In 1867 he received the University of Oxford honorary degree of D.C.L. Bartle Frere also became president of the Eoyal Geogn cal Society. In Oct., 1872, he appointed by the British Goi ment a special commissione proceed to East Africa to in< into the slave trade. Sir B Frere, with his suite, arrive Zanzibar in the Enchantress, M 12, 1873, and in May the signi] a treaty by the Sultan of Zan abolished that traffic. On hi turn to England he was swo member of the Privy Cou created an honorary LL.D. oi University of Cambridge; an July 16, 1874, he was pre«  with the freedom of the Ci1 London, in recognition of his sessf ul exertions for the suppre of the slave trade in East Ai Subsequently he accompf H.E.H. the Prince of Wale India, and in Jan. 1877, he wa pointed Governor and Commai in-Chief of Her Majesty's pc sions at the Cape of Good I and Her Majesty's High Con sioner for the Settlement of N Affairs in South Africa. 1 after personally risking his li if possible avert war, he condi to a successful conclusion, in of the most arduous difficultief Kaffir war of 1877-8, in whicl troops were commanded by Ge (afterwards Sir Arthur) Cui hame, and General the Hoi Thesiger (afterwards Lord Ch ford), and repelled the invasi< Natal by Cetewayo by the Zuli of 1878-9, which terminated i victory of Ulundi. He si quently a second time ri8ke< life to avert war with the I