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Boers In the Transvaal, in which effort he was entirely successful. He was recalled to England three months after the advent to office of Mr. Gladstone. He was created a G.C.B. in 1876. He has been re- elected President for the second time of the Boyal Asiatic Society, and a Vice-President of the Eoyal Geogra- phical Society, of which he was Pre- adent for the year 1872, and of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. He mar- ried, in 1844, Catherine C.I., second dAoghter of the late Major-General the Bight Hon. Sir George Arthur, Bart., K.C.B., Governor of Van Dianen*B Land, of Upper Canada, and subsequently of Bombay. Sir Bartle Frere has written a bio- graphical memoir of his uncle, the Bight Hon. John Hookham Frere, prefixed to his "Works," 1872; also "Christianity suited to all Forms of Civilization" (a lecture delivered in connection with the Cbristian Evidence Society, 1872) ; " Indian Missions," reprinted from "The Church and the Age," 1873 j the preface to " Pandurang Hari : <yt, Memoir of a Hindoo," new edit., 1873 ; the preface to " Old Deccan Dajs;" "On the impending Ben- gal Famine: how it will l^ met, and how to Prevent future Famines in India," a lecture delivered be- fore the Society of Arts, Dec. 12, 1S73 (London, 8vo, 1874) ; " East- ern Africa as a Field for Mission- ary Labour," in four letters to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1874 j and numerous other miscellaneous works. Sir Biurtle Frere has a son, Bartle Compton Arthur, and he also has four daughters, Mary Eliza Isabella, author of "Old Deccan Days," &c., Catherine Frances, Georgina Hamilton Chi- chester, and Eliza Frederica Jane.

PBERE-OEBAN,HiTBKBT Joseph Walthkb, a Belgian statesman, bom at Li^ge, April 22, 1812, was called to the bar of his native city, wad won acquired a high reputa-

tion among the Liberal party there, who returned him to the Belgian Chamber as their representative in 1847. He was Finance Minister in that year, and again from 18i8 to 1852, being in the interval between the two administrations Minister of Public Works. He again became Finance Minister in 1861, was soon afterwards appointed President of the Council, and once more received the portfolio of Finance when the new Government was formed in Jan. 1868. The principal event of his administration was the quarrel between Belgium and France as to the law rek,ting to the Belgian railways and the transfer to a French company of the manage- ment of the tuxemburg lines. The difference was amicably settled in 1869. M. Fr^re-Orban resigned his portfolio in 1870, when the Catholic Ministry came into oflSce. When the Liberals again came into power in June, 1878, he was appointed head of the Cabinet with the port- folio of Foreign Affairs. The Em- peror of Austria conferred on him, in May 1881, the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Stephen.

FREUND, WiLHELM. Ph.D., lexicogprapher, was born in 1806, at Eempen, in Posen, and, having studied philosophy and philology in the universities of Breslau and Berlin, he established, in 1828, an Israelitish educational institute in Breslau, and became afterwards tutor in the Elizabeth gymnasium in Berlin. In 1848 he received a provisional appointment as tutor in the gymnasium in Hirschberg, but as a definite position was refused to him, in consequence of his being an Israelite, he proceeded to Eng- land in 1851. Dr. Freund has written a " Dictionary of the Latin Language," Leipsic, 183^18^45, in 4 vols., which has furnished the basis of Dr. WUliam Smith's " Larger Latin Dictionary ; " " Ge- sammtw5rterbuch der lateinischen Sprache," Breslau, 18 ti; "Latin- German and German-Latin-Greek