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School Dictionary," 2 vols., Berlin, 1848-55 . He has also edited Cicero's "Pro Milone," Breslau, 1838, and "School Library of Greek and Soman Antiquities," 2 vols., Berlin, 1846.

FEETCINET, Chables Louis DE Saulces db, French senator and engineer, born at Foix, Nov. 14, 1828. He received his professional training in the Polytechnic School, was fourth in the examination for the Corps des Mines in 1848, and was employed by the Government in the same year on several import- ant public works. Appointed engi- neer of the mines at Mont-de- Marsan, he was, in the regular course of promotion, transferred to Chartres in 1854, and to Bordeaux in 1855. In the latter year the Company of the Railways of the South appointed M. de Freycinet as their principal engfineer. During the five years of his tenure of this important post he gave to the "Compagnie du Midi" a typical organisation which the other French railway companies did not fail to imitate. M. de Freycinet was next employed by the Gx>vemment in various scientific or industrial mis- sions in France and in foreign countries. In 1864 he was nomi- nated ordinary engineer of the first class, and he was likewise a member of the Conseil G^n^ral of the depart- ment of Tam-et-Garonne, when the war of 1870 broke out. After the revolution of Sept. 4 he was ap- pointed Prefect of Tam-et-Guronne. On the 10th of Oct. following M. G^ambetta having taken possession, in the provinces, of the oflice of Minister of War, chose M. de Frey- cinet as his delegate, and entrusted him with the supreme control of that department. On the conclu- sion of peace M. de Freycinet re- tired for a time from public life. He was elected a Senator by the department of the Seine, Jan. 30, 1876, being placed first on the list of successful candidates ; his term of office expired in 1882. When

the Dufaure ministry was fo in Dec. 1877, he accepted the folio of PubUc Works. On IM 1878, he was elected a memb the Academy of Sciences as oessor to M. de Bussy. His fc studies on water supply, se^ and engineering won for him distinction. M. de Freycinet tinned in his office of Minist Public Works in the Cabinel sided over by M. Waddington 4, 1879), after M. Gr^vy had ceeded Marshal MacMahon as ] dent of the BepubHc. At the of that year (Dec. 27), he wa pointed President of the Coun place of M. Waddington, an took the portfolio of Foreign Al He resigned Sept. 19, 1880, in sequence of the difficulties rel to the execution of the d€ against the unauthorized reH Orders; and M. Jules Ferr^ then entrusted with the form of a new Cabinet. In Jan. M. Gambetta's Ministry was thrown on the Serutin de proposal, by a majority in Chamber of 305 to 110. li Freycinet was then recalle po-jver, and again held^ witl Presidency of tiie Council, the folio of Foreign Affairs. His posals for safeguarding the Canal were rejected by a maj of 416 to 75 (July 29). The Mil at once resigned, and, as the € ber had declared in the pla possible terms against interve in Egypt, France became a pa spectator of England's an After M. de Freycinefs resigni President Grevy, after many culties, succeeded in formii "Ministry of Affairs" unde Duclerc. M. de Freycinet it author of "Traits de M^cai rationelle," 2 vols., 1858; rAnalyse infinit^simale," 1 " Des Pentea ^conomiques chemin de fer," 1861 ; " Bmpk Eaux d'£gout en Agricult 1869; "Pnncipes de f Assail ment industriel," 1870; and