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\, including those of Public anies," 1858 ; and of some >gical works, including " The ine of Election/' 1864; "Es- on the Accordance of Chiis- y with the Nature of Man," >urgh, 1857 ; and " Darwinism rheology," 1872, a reprint of Binthe Spectator. He married, »9, Mariabella, daughter of the Hr. John HodgMn, barrister- r, of Lewes.

ILLEE, The Eight Eev. AS Brock, D.D., D.C.L., ip of Niagara, was born at iton. Upper Canada, on the July, 1810. He received his ,tion at Hamilton, U.O., and at heological Seminary at Cham- province of Quebec. In 1835 as ordained at Toronto by bishop of Quebec, and held es at Chatham, at Thorold, t Toronto. At the latter city 18 Eector of St. George's for riod of fourteen years ; in ^as appointed Archdeacon of iocese of Toronto, and in 1875 le Bishop of the newly-created se of Niagara.

LLEETON, LadyGkoboiana, i dauffht^r of the first Earl riUe, for some years ambas- at the Court of Prance under Orleans dynasty, was married 53 to Alexander George Ful- L, Esq., eldest son of George iillerton, Esq., of Ballintoy ), Ireland. Her career as an ress commenced with a novel, ed "Ellen Middleton," a jtic story, published in 1844, red by " Grantley Manor," a bearing on the war of creeds ; Lady Bird," a tale published >2, after her conversion to the n Catholic religion. That occurred in the year 1846. nore recent works are, " The >f St. Frances of Eome," and Domtesse de Bonneval," 1857 ; B Leblanc," like the former in French, 1860 ; " Laurentia, e of Japan," 1861 ; a novel, ed "Too Strange not to be


True,' wood," ai "A Ston Gerald's Louisa d( " Life of Dublin," < Ireland i tury," 3 V

James, M, Eghamin cation at field Gre< Hanwell, London (J Cambridg 1849. H mainly to Middle El researchet on the gr our langn regarded i the new sc He was of the P] English J of public Press, un successor. He has < English T Extra Ser Society," ciety," II spere S Browning Hickey), Society," acted as ] Philologic Through vail has r ^20,000 ir rare bookt band of F. D. Ml charged i case ; and to enlist i late Princ well (thei he secure from the