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charge the duties of that office until the spring.

GALTON, Fbancib, F.E.S., F.G.S., third and youngest son of S. T. Galton, of Duddeston, near Birmingham, grandson of Dr. Erasmus Darwin, author of " Zoo- nomia," and cousin of Charles Dar- win, the naturalist. He was born in 1822, and educated at Xing Edward's School, Birmingham, which he left to study medicine, first at the Birminghain Hospital, and subsequently at King's CoUege, London. He graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1844, tra- velled, in 1846, in North Africa and on the White Nile, then rarely visited, and in 1850 made a journey of exploration in the western regions of South Africa, starting from Walfisch Bay. For this journey, of which he afterwards published an account — " Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South Africa," 1853, he received the gold medal of the Eoyal Geographical Society, in whose proceedings he has since taken an active share, as member of council, and for several years as one of its secretaries. Mr. Galton is author of the " Art of Travel, or Shifts and Contrivances in Wild Countries," a work which has gone through five editions between 1855 and 1872 ; also of " Meteorogra- phica," 1863, the first attempt to chart the progress of the elements of the weather, on a large scale, and through which the existence and theory of anti-cyclones was first established by him. He was appointed, on behalf of the Boyal Society, a member of a committee of the Board of Trade, which exa- mined, after the death of Admiral Fitzroy, into the past and future duties and administration of the Meteorological Office, and he is now one of the council to whose hands the Parliamentary grant for the maintenance of that office is entrusted. In later years he has published the following works, bearing, more or less directly, on

Heredity and on Faculties: — " Her< ditary Genius, its Laws and Coi sequences," 1869; "English Me of Science : their Nature and Nu: ture," 1874; " Inquiries intoHuma Faculty and its Development," 188; also several memoirs on allie topics, including "Experiments i Pangenesis, by breeding from ral bits of a pure variety, into wha circulation blood taken from othc varieties had previously been largel transfused." (Proc. Boyal Soc 1871.) He was general secretar of the British Association froi 1863 to 1868, president of its Ge^ graphical section in 1862 and i 1872, and of the Anthropologics sub-section in 1877 ; he has bee vice-president of the Royal, tl Boyal GeogpTaphical, and Anthrop logical Societies, and has served o the councils of many others. GAECIA. (5eeViARDOT-GABCiA GAEDINEE Samuel Kawsoi was born March 4, 1829, at Eople; Hants, and educated at Winchesti and at Christchurch, Oxford. H became an Honorary Student < Christchurch and Professor < Modem History at King's Colleg( London. The honorary degree < LL .D . was conferred upon him by tb University of Edinburgh. Profei sor Gardiner has written "Tl History of England from the Acce sion of James I. to the Disgrace < Chief -Justice Coke," 1863 ; " Prin< Charles and the Spanish Marriage 1869; "England under the Dul of Buckingham and Charles I.; 1875 ; " The Personal Govemmei of Charles I.," 1877 ; "The Fall < the Monarchy of Charles I.," vols, and ii. ; '* Introduction to the Stud of English History," conjointly wit Mr. J. Bass Mullinger, 1881 ; " Tl First Two Stuarts and the Purita Revolution," 1875; and "Tl Thirty Years' War," 1874. OnAu 16, 1882, a Civil List pension < ^150 was granted to him " in r cognition of his valuable contrib tions to the History of England.'^ GAENETT, Richabd, son of tl