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through twelve editions 1858 and 1881. All the intioned works, with the L of " Castellamonte," as anonymous, were pub- derthe assumed name of tti. Signer Gallenga has

1 under his own name — of Piedmont," 3 vols.,

Country Life in Pied- 1858; "The Invasion of

," 2 vols., 1864; "The

he Antnies," 1873 ; "Italy [," 2 vols., 1875; "Two the Eastern Question," 877 ; " The Pope and the

2 vols., 1879; "South " 1881 ; " A Summer Tour a," 1882; and "Iberian ences," 2 vols., 1883. allenga is also the author remonte ed Oltremare;" stra Prima Carovona ; " le dell' Elettore;" "A amo ; " and other Italian


Sib Alexander Tillooh, , son of John Gait, the )y Elizabeth, daughter of >ch, was born at Chelsea, .817, and educated in this and in Canada. He was ervice of the British and I Land Company from 1856, and Commissioner ager of their entire estates 14 to 1856. He was first > the Canadian Parliament TheQuvemor-General, Sir ead, requested him to form inistrai^on in Aug., 1858. he declined,though he join- Jartier's Adminiertration as Minister, and held that Lithe Ministry was defeated lilitia Bill, in May, 1862.

ander Gait resumed his

inance Minister in March, i retired in Aug., 1866, I Cabinet failed to carry a securing certain educa- Lvileges to the Protestant in Lower Canada, in view jreatly increased power by the French and Boman

Catholic majority under Confedera tion. Mr. Gait felt, as the repr€ sentative in the Government of th Protestants of Lower Canada, tha he could best serve their interest by retiring. The result appears t have justified his view. He wa appointed one of the Delegates fo Lower Canada, to confer with th Imperial Government on the subjec of Confederation, and in that capa city, although not a member of th Canadian Government, he securei protection for his co-religionistt On the Confederation being eflfecte he was appointed Minister o Finance in the new Dominion Government, and he held that offio from July 1 till Nov. 4, 1867, wher for private reasons, he resigned Sir Alexander Gtilt is regarded as th ablest financier in the colonies, an< has taken a prominent part in aJ the measures adopted to unite an* consolidate British America. H was created a Knight Commande of the Order of SS. Michael an< George in 1869, for his long officia colonial services. In July, 1875 he was appointed a Commissione on behalf of Great Britain unde the Treaty of Washmg^n of Maj 1871, and more recently he ha acted as a member of the Halifa Fisheries Commission. He wa nominated a Knight Grand Cros of the Order of SS. Michael an< George, May 25, 1878. Sir Alei ander was appointed High CommiE sioner for Canada in England i] April, 1880, and was the Delegat for Canada at the Internationa Monetary Conference at Paris i 1881. He is also a member of th Executive and General Committee of the gre&t International Pisherie Exhibition of 1883. In the Dc minion House of Commons a Ottawa, on March 19, 1883, Si John Macdonald, the Premiei announced that Sir Alexander Gall High Commissioner for the Do minion in London, had resigned adding that the Government ha^ requested him to continue to difl