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The experiments were repeated with equal success at Wimbledon, Lon- don, Woolwich, and on the coast of Sussex, and also by Mr. Gale him- self in the presence of the Queen and the royal family. The inven- tion is very simple ; it consists of mixing powdered glass with the gun- powder, which is thereby rendered unexplosive. The glass can, by a simple process, be again separated from the gunpowder, which, of course, then resumes its explosive character. Mr. Gale is likewise the inventor of the ammunition slide- gun, the fog-shell, the balloon-shell, &c. He was elected a Fellow of the Chemical Society in 1866 ; a Fellow of the Eoyal Geological So- ciety the same year ; and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Kostock in 1867.

GAL LA IT, Louie, historical painter, born at Toumay (Belgium), in 1810, studied at Antwerp and Paris, first exhibited at Brussels, and produced, in 1833, his picture of "Tasso in his Cell visited by Montaigne," which was a brilliant success, and at once established his reputation. His pictures, which are generally on a large scale, repre-

i subjects from the histor Low Countries. " The Last its of Egmont," painted in 1 le Abdication of Charles "The Last Honours pai< Qont and Horn," were an chief attractions in the For lery of the International E on of 1862. This artist, led at Brussels, was, in J i, entertained at a public dii m to him by the amateurs sts of Great Britain. He aber of the Boyal Academ Tium; obtained a meda nee in 1835, and the decors June, 1841. M. Gallait ted an honorary member of 'al Academy of London, De< ? ; and the Paris Academ e Arts elected him, Jan. 29, ] wx, whe position of Foreign Assoc vacant by the death of the g German painter Overbeck.

GALLENGA, Antonio Cj Napolkone, was born at Pa but of an old Piedmontese fai Nov. 4, 1810, and educatec the University of Parma. He Parma and Italy in CQnsequen< the political events of 1831 ; 1 for a few years in France, Cor Malta, Tangiers, Gibraltar ; ore over to the United States in 1 lived for two years in Boston ; c to England in 1839 ; and becaj naturalised British subject in 1 He was Charg^ d' Affaires for I mont at Frankfort in 1848-9, ai member of the Piedmontese Italian Parliament from 185- 1864. Signer Gallenga has 1 connected with the Times since year 1859. He is the autho] Italy, Past and Present," 2 m 1841-9 (2nd ed. with an additi volume, 1848) j " Italy in 18 1851; "The Blackgown Pap< 2 vols., 1845 ; " Scenes from Its Life," 1850 ; " Fra Dolcino anc Times," 1853 ; " Castellamc an Autobiography," 2 vols., 1 " Mariotti's Italian Grammar,e<^ by A. Gallenga, Prof essor of Its in University College," w