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bridge. He has since acquired considerable fame as a met^rolo- gist. For the manner in which he has turned to a scientific account the results of his experiments above the clouds in his balloon voyages, he was chosen a Fellow of the Royal Society, June 7, 1849. In 1865 he was appointed to succeed Admiral Fitzroy in the control of the Meteorological Department of the Board of Trade. His name is appended to a work entitled "Travels in the Air, a Popular Accoimt of Balloon Voyages and Ventures ; with recent Attempts to accomplish the Navigation of the Air," 1870.

GLASGOW AND GALLOWAY, Bishop op. (See Wilson.)

GLEICHEN (Count), H.S.H., Pbincb Victor Ferdinand Francis Eugene Gustavus Adolphus Constantine Frede- ric, of Hohenlohe Langenburg, was bom at Langenburg, Nov. 11, 1883. He is brother of the reigning Prince Hermann Ernest Francis Bernard, and son of the late Prince Ernest, and the Princess Feodor, daughter of the late Prince Emich Charles of Leiningen. Prince Vic- tor of Hohenlohe is therefore the nephew of Her Majesty the Queen. He is a retired captain in the Itoyal Navy, and served in the Baltic campaign, of 1854, with the Naval Brigade before Sebastopol in 1855, and in the China war of 1857. In common with many members of the Boyal family, he possesses a keen taste for the arts, and has exhibited statues at the Eoyal Academy and other exhibitions of sculpture since 1867. Among his numerous works may be mentioned a fine marble group of "The Deluge ; " an id^ figure for his mother's grave at Baden, several statuettes and busts of members of the Boyal family, and a monumen- tal figure of Sir George Seymour. In 1875 he undertook, at the desire of Colonel Lloyd Lindsay, a colossal statue of Alfred the

Great, in Sicilian marble, for tion in the market-plaoe of tage, the birthplace of the S monarch. On the completic the statue in 1877 it was preo to the inhabitants of the tow Colonel Lindsay. The ceremc inauguration was performed b Prince of Wales, tiie cousin o sctdptor, and was the oocasi great rejoicings in the neigh hood (July 14, 1877). Prince tor of Hohenlohe holds the o£ Governor and Constable of Wi Castle, and bears for himsel wife (Laura, youngest daughl the late Admiral Sir George mour, G.C.B), and for his d( dants by this marriage, his & title of Count Gleichen.

GLEIG, The Eev. Gi BoBERT, the son of a S Bishop, born in 1796, was edu at Glasgow and at Balliol Co Oxford, which he entered ai early age of fifteen. After ke six terms, he chose the ml profession, received a comm; in 1812, and joined the an the Duke of Wellington in His career in the Peninsula fc the subject of his very am book, "The Subaltern." pub! in 1825. He served in the cam; of Washington, was se^ wounded at the capture of city, returned to Oxford, com; his studies there, and took o: In 1822 he was presented b; Archbishop of Canterbury, fii the perpetual curacy of Ash aftei^ards to the rectory of church, both in Kent, and in was made chaplain of Chelsea pital. In 1846 he became Cha] General to the Forces ; and hi devised a scheme for the educ of the soldiers, was appointe spector-General of Military Sd and Prebendary of St. Paul's, addition to "The Subaltern has written " Campaigns at A> ington and New Orleans," ' Story of the Battle of Wate] " The Life of Lord Clive,"