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•f every country wbich. she has I.

uDSCHMIDT, Meier, poet, Bt, and journalist, is the son ron Goldschmidt, and of his »ea Eothschild, and was born rdinborg, in the island of id, Denmark, Oct. 26, 1819. udied at the University of hagen, and first appeared as

hor in 1840, when he founded

'orsair, a weekly paper, sati- ffisthetical, and political, at- g the then absolute Gk>vem- of Denmark, and although lently persecuted, he contri- to the wide and deep breach lish absolutism through which r subsequently marched in. 3 new magazine, Nbrth and he. contended for the mode- exercise of liberty, and for ducation of the people, so hey might become fit for the nent and exercise of its rights, gainst that policy which has Ted to the national disasters, [ihmidt's aesthetic works are ew," translated into German inglish, of which several edi- bave appeared imder the titles [lie Jew of Denmark," and b Bardixen the Jew :** " Home- translated into German and ah ; " The Heir ;" " The Eock ;" 3 Tales ftrom Many Lands;" aany smaller tales in Danish, an, and English. Besides he has published several IS, to two of which the laurel has been awarded. jDSMID, Majob Genebaii Sib EBiCK John, C.B., K.C.S.I., bt Milanjm Lombardy, Aug. 19, was educated at the private sh school of the Eev. Mr. pin, in Paris, at King's Col- Ichool, and at King's College, m. He was appointed ensign Madras Army in 1839 J liente- in 1840; captain in 1851; b major in 1856 ; major in brevet lieut.-colonel in 1863 ; col. in 1865; brevet col. in and obtained the full rank

of major-general on his retirement in 1875. From 1889 to 1856 he held several military staff appointments, general and regimental; but from 1852 to 1873 he was chiefly in civil and political employ. From 1865 to 1870 he was cMef director of the Government Indo-European Tele- graph ; from 1870 to 1873, Boundary Commissioner and Arbitrator for the Eastern Frontiers of Persia, with the rank of major-general. He served in the Chinese campaign of 1840-42; and with the Turkish troops in the Eastern Crimea in 1855-56 ; was employed, after 1854, on several official missions, espe- cially in India, Persia, and inter- vening countries ; among the later of these, to Makran in 1861, 1863, and 1869 ; through Turkish Arabia and Asia Minor to Constantinople in 1864; to Eastern Persia and Bahuhistan in 1866-70-71; and Western-Afghanistan in 1872. He laid down the Perso-Bahuh fron- tier in 1871 ; and arbitrated on the Perso- Afghan frontier in 1872. He was appointed English Controller of Datoa Sanieh, in Egypt, in 1880. He has published pamphlets or miscellaneous writings of a minor character, and in 1874, a volume entitled "Telegraph and Travel: a Narrative of the Formation and Development of Telegraphic Com- munication between England and India, under the Orders of Her Majesty's Government; with In- cidentsJ Notices of the Countries traversed by the Lines." He was created a C.B. in 1866 ; K.C.S.I. in 1870 ; has the 4th class of the Order of the Mejidid, the China Medal, and Turkish War Medal. He is a Fellow and member of Council of the Eoyal Geographical Society, and a member of the Council of the Boyal Asiatic Society.

GONCOUET, Edmond Louis Antoinb Huot de, a French writer, born at Nancy, May 26, 1822, is a grandson of Jean Antoine Huot de Goncourt, a deputy in the National Assembly of 1789. As an