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author he became known by a long series of works written in conjunc- tion with his brother, Jules Alfred Huot de GK)ncourt, who was born at Fans in 1830, and who died at Auteuil in June, 1870. The two brothers published in their joint names, " En 18 . . ," a novel, 1851 ; "Salon de 1852;" "Les Myst^res desTh^&tres," 1853 ; "La Lorette,'* 1853; "Histoire de la Soci^t^ Franchise pendant la B^volution, et sous la Directoire," two vols.^ 1854-5; "La Eevolution dans les Mceurs," 1854; "La Peinture k TExposition Universelle de 1855 ; " " Les Actrices," 1856 ; " Une Voi- ture de Masques," 1856, republished under the title of " Quelques Cr^ tures de ce temps," 1876 ; " Por- traits intimes du XVIH*. Si^cle," two series, 1856-58; " Sophie Amould d'aprfes sa correspondance et ses mimoires in^dits," 1857 ; " Histoire de Marie- Antoinette," 1858 ; " Les Maitresses de Louis XV.," two vol8.,1860; "Les Hommes de Lettres," 1860, a novel repub- lished under the title of " Charles Demailly," 1869; "Soeur Philo- mfene," a novel, 1861 ; " La Femme au XVIII'. Si^cle," 1862, reprinted in 1877 with the addition of a chapter entitled "L' Amour au XVIIP. Si^cle;" "Ren^e Mau- perin," a novel, 1864; "Germinie Lacerteux," 1865; "Id^es et Sen- sations," 1866; "Manette Salo- mon," two vols., 1867 ; " Madame Gervaisais," 1869 ; " Gavarni, I'Homme et TArtistc," 1873; "L'Art du XVIIP. Siftcle,"two vols., 1874 ; and two dramas, " Henriette Mar^- chal," 1865 ; and " La Patrie en danger," 1873. Since the death of his brother, M. Edmond de Gon- court has published under his own name "L'CEuvre de Watteau," a classified catalogue, 1876 ; "L'CEuvre de Prondhon,'^ 1877; "La Fille Elisa," a novel, 1878; and "Les Fr^res Zemganno," a novel, 1879. • GOOCH, Sib Daniel, Bart.,M.P., bom in 1816 at Bedlington, North- umbcrhmd, studied the profession

of an engineer at Newcastle, u the late Robert Stephenson, in the large iron-works of S Wales. He was chief locom< eng^eer to the Great We«  Railway for twenty-seven yeai chairman of the Board of I>ire< of that company, and is a dl guished Freemason, having be€ one time Grand Sword-beare England, and is Provincial G Master of Berks and Bucks. He one of the shareholders of the C Eastern from the commencem one of the mortgagees to w it was mortgaged for jfilOO, and when the vessel was sold je25,000, over and above all ] upon her, was one of the purcha with a view to employing he the laying of the Atlantic ci Sir Daniel, who was returned Cricklade in July, 1865, is cl man of the Great Eastern St4 Ship Company, chairman of Telegraph Construction and M tenance Company, and a directs I the Anglo-American Company. ] dignity of a baronet was conf e I upon him after the laying of ' Atlantic cable, Nov. 13, 1866.

GOODALL, Fbedbbick, I

\ son of the late Mr. Edward G

! all, the eminent engraver (

I died April 11, 1870), was bor

I London, Sept. 17, 1822. At thir

I he was taken from school and pi

I in the studio of his father to 1

! the art of engraving ; but i

I after it was resolved that he sh

become a painter — still, howe

under the superintendence of

father, whose general knowled^

art. well qualMed him to be

instructor. Mr. Frederick Go<

has said, in an autobiograpl

sketch, that his father, "instJ

into him, at the outset, the n(

sity of varying his studies,

although he commenced with

idea of becoming a landscape paii

he never lost sight of the fig

but kept during the winter mo:

drawing from casts, and stud;

anatomy. In the summer mo: