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of Botany;" "Structural and Systematic Botany " (new edition, 1879), a revised edition of the " Botanical Text-book," with 1,300 illustrations ; " Flora of the South- em United States ; " " Free Exam- ination of Darwin's Treatise," 1861 J " Darwiniana," 1876 ; " New Flora of North America," 1878; "Natural Science and Religion," 1880. He visited Europe in 1838-9, and again in 1850-51, and has con- tributed numerous papers to scien- tific periodicals and to the Transac- tions of learned societies. In 1874 he was chosen one of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institute, and in 1878 the Academic des Sciences of Paris elected him a correspond- ing member in the Section of Botany.

GREECE, KiN(j OF. {See George I^

GREEN, Mrs. Mart Anne Eve- rett, whose maiden name was Wood, was born at Sheffield in 1818, and, in early life, resided in several parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire, and received an excel- lent education. Her intellectual tastes were fostered by the late James Montgomery, the "bard of Sheffield," an intimate friend of her father. In 1841 her parents removed to London, and having now freer access to libraries and MS. collections, she conceived the idea of compiling the "Lives of Princesses of England," the first volume of which appeared in 1849, and the sixth and last in 1855. Mrs. Green edited "Letters of Royal and Illustrious Ladies," published in 1846 ; " The Diary of John Rous," printed for the Camden Society, in ] 856 ; the " Letters of Queen Hen- rietta Maria," in 1857; and has contributed occasionally to period- ical literature, chiefly on antiqua- rian subjects. She has been in- trusted by the Master of the RoUs with the duty of calendering the State Papers in the Record Office. The papers of the reign of James T., 4 vols., were published in 1857-9,

and of those of Charles II. seven volumes appeared 1860-68. Mrs. Green was then requested to com- plete the calendar of the State Papers of Queen Elizabeth, left unfinished by the late Mr. Lemon, which, with addenda from Edward VI. to James I., forms 6 vols., pub- lished, 1869-1874. She is now occu- pied upon the papers of the Inter- regnum, of which 9 vols., are pub- lished, 1875-1883. In 1845 she married Mr. G. P. Green, artist, of Cottingham, near Hull, and of London.

GREENE, Georob Washing- ton, grandson of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, born at East Greenwich, Rhode Island, April 8, 1811. He was educated at Brown University, lived in Europe from 1827 to 1847, and from 1837 to 1845 was United States Consul at Rome. On re- turning to the United States in 1847, he became Professor of Modem Languages in Brown Uni- versity, and in 1872 non-resident Professor of History in Cornell University. He is now residing at East Greenwich in very poor health. Besides contributmg to periodicals, he has published " His- torical Studies," 1850; "History and Geography of the Middle Ages," 1851 ; " Historical View of the American Revolution," 1865; " Biographical Studies," 1866 ; "Life of Nathaniel Greene," 1867- 68; and "A Short History of Rhode Island," 1877.

GREENWELL, The Rev. Wil- liam, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A., is the eldest son of the late Wil- liam Thomas Greenwell, Esq., J.P., D.L., of Greenwell Ford, co. Dur- ham. He was born there March 23, 1820, and educated at Durham School, and the University of Dur- ham, where he graduated in 1839, and ultimately became Fellow of University College, and afterwards Principal of NeviBe Hall, Oxford. In 1847 he was preferred to the vicarage of Ovingham, Northumberland, and is now Minor-Canon and Librarian