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the Art Journal, by Mr. Frederick i WediDore. In America^ also^ similar , essays have appeared in Scribner's Monthly (Aug., 1880) j and in Mr. P. G. Hamerton's work, entitled " Etching and Etchers." Mr. Sey- mour Haden is also the possessor of one of the finest collections of the etched works of the old masters, particularly of Bembrandt, ever formed, and on which during more than thirty years he has expended a fortune, giving at auctions often as much as je300 or je400 for a single print. On the other hand, one of his own plates — that of the " Agamemnon" — has realised, chiefly for the benefit of the pub- lishers, upwards of JB^WOO. Mr. Seymour Haden is President of the Society of Painter Etchers, and a member of the Athenaeum Club. He is also Vice-President of the Obstetrical Society of London.

HADFIELD, The Right Rev. OcTAvius, Bishop of Wellington, in New Zealand, was consecrated to that see in Oct., 1870, but without the royal mandate. He had previ- ously been archdeacon of Kapiti, and commissary to Dr. Abraham, the first Bishop of Wellington.

HAGARTY, The Hon. John Hawkins, D.C.L., Chief Justice of Ontario, was born at Dublin on Dec. 17, 1816. He entered Trinity College, Dublin, in 1832, but two years afterwards emigrated to Canada, where he studied law, and in 1840 was admitted to the Bar of the Upper Province. His educated tastes and love of letters for a time wooed him to literature, but, con- tinuing the practice of his profes- sion, he was made a Queen's Counsel in 1850, and elevated to the Bench in 1856. In 1868 he was appointed Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, was subsequently transferred to the Queen's Bench, and in 1878 received the appointment of Chief Justice of Ontario, which he still holds.

HAGHE, Louis, artist, born at Toumay, in Belgium, in 1806 ; pi-actises his art in England, where

he has resided for many yea President of the Institute of Pa in Water-Colours, one of the le members of the New Water-C Society, to the exhibitions of he has been a constant contril His picture, " L'Hdtel de Vl Courtray," which at once dc his position, was purchased b Vernon. Mr. Haghe draw materials from the pictui cities of his native country, old Flemish interiors, conta generally, some feature cj terized by special wealth of c detail, and painted with unri fidelity and spirit, are people< figures in the costume of tfa teenth and sevent^nth ceni under circumstances in ke* suggested by history. Mr. 1 is weU known as a lithogri and in addition to lithogra the designs of others, has pub many important works of Me illustrating the archsBologica sures of his native country was made Membre de TAca de Belgique in 1847, also M< of the Academy of Antwer] Knight of the Order of Leoj He received the gold medal i lithographic works exhibit< Paris in 1834, and the seconc medal for water-colour paint: the Universal Exhibition, 1855. The Haywood gold of the Manchester A(^em; also awarded to him.

HAINES, General Sir F RICK Paul, G.C.B., K.C.S.I of the late Mr. Gregory B C.B., of Dublin, commissa nera^ of the forces, by H daughter of Mr. John Eldric Kerkf ord, Sussex, was born ir He entered the army as ens 1839, became captain in 184t tenant-colonel in 1850, colo; 1854, and major-general in At the commencement of tl on the Sutlej in 1845, he w pointed to act as military sec to Sii- Hugh Gough, then luander-in-chief in India. 1