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1835, was probably the wealthiest planter in the United States, being, it is said, the owner of more than 3,000 slaves. The son graduated at the University of South Carolina, studied law, and subsequently became a member of the State Legislature. At the commencement of the civil war he entered the Confederate service^ and raised a regiment of cavalry ; was made a Brigadier-General, served during the peninsular campaign of 1862, and was wounded at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863. In 1864 he was made Lieutenant-General, and com- manded a body of cavalry in Vir- ginia. Early in 1865 he was sent to South Carolina, and commanded the rear-guard of the Confederate army, which was falling back before General Sherman. Large quanti- ties of cotton had been stored at Columbia, the capital of the state, which, upon the approach of the Union forces, was piled up in an open square, ready to be burnt. IHre was set to this, which resulted in a conflagration by which a great part of the city was destroyed. A sharp discussion arose between Generals Hampton and Sherman, each charging the other with the wilful destruction of Columbia. But, according to the best evidence, as far as either was concerned, the confla«^ration was purely acci- dental. In 1876 he was elected Governor of South Carolina, and again in 1878. He is now U. S. Senator for the term expiring March 4, 1885.

HANBUEY, Sib Jamis Abthub, K.C.B., son of the late Mr. Samuel Hanbury, was born in 1832, and received his education at Trinity College, Dublin, where he took the degree of Bachelor of Medicine in 1853. He became a member of the Boyal College of Surgeons of Eng- land in 1859. Immediately after graduating at Dublin, he entered the medical department of the Army. He became surgeon in 1863, surgeon-major in 1873, bri-

gadier-surgeon in 1879, and ' surgeon-general in 1881. H< with distinction in China, and America ; was principal ] officer of a division during ghan campaigns of 1878-9 ai 80 ; and served as principal i officer under Lieut.-Gene: Frederick Boberte on the o of his celebrated march fron to Candahar. For these i he was created a Companion Bath^ and received the wai and bronze star. In Aug. ] was specially selected to acc< Sir Garnet Wolseley as pi medical officer of the E( Expedition, with the local surgeon-general. At the c the campaign he was ere Knight Commander of the of the Bath.


bom in Montgomery county sylvania, Feb. 14, 1824. He ated from the West Point A< in 1844, and in 1846 recei^ commission as Lieutenant fantry. He served durin Mexican war, and at ite cL quarter-master of his regime 1855 he was appointed cap the quarter-master's depai and took part in the Florid paign against the Seminali h In 1861 he was appointed a dier-General of Volunteer served in the Army of the Pc He accompanied Gen. McC! army to the peninsula in 18< distinguished himself at the of Williamsburg. At the bi Fredericksburg, in Dec. It commanded a division, whi( fered severely, and for his torious conduct on this o received a commission as General of Volunteers. H part in the battle of Chan( ville. In the battle of Gettj July, 1863, Hancock's divisic the prominent part, althov himself was severely wounde in the^actio^. He recover< ficiently to return to duty I