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Lavandara,*' in 1869 ; " Le Matin et le Soil* de la Vie,'* and ** La Muse populaire Italienne/' in 1870 ;

    • La Madonna Addolorata," and
  • 'La Tricoteuse/* in 1873; "La

Muse des Bois/* in 1877 ; and " La Sultane,"in 1879. He was Direc- tor of the Academy of France at Rome, from Dec. 18G6 to 1873, and in 1874 he was elected a member of the Academic des Beaux-Arts. M. Hebert obtained a first-class medal in 1851, another in 1855, the decora- tion of the Legion of Honour in July, 1853, the rank of Officer of that order in Aug. 1867, and the rank of Commander in 1874.

HECKER, The Very Rev. Isaac Thomas, born at New York, Dec. 18, 1819. He was educated in his native city, and entered into business with his brothers. In 1813, he joined the Brook Farm Community in West Roxbury, and after spending some months there associated himself for a time with the " Consociate Family," at Fruit- lands, Worcester County, Macsa- chusetts, and also lived for a time with Thoreau in his hermitage. Thence he returned to New York, and in 18i5 was received into the Roman Catholic Church. After passing a novitiate of two years at St. Trond, in Belgium, he entered the Society of the Redemptorist Fathers in 1847, and from 1847 to 1851 was engaged in mission work in England, and received priest's orders from Bishop (afterwards Car- dinal) Wiseman, in 1849. In 1851 he returned to the United States, and for the next six years was, in company with several members of his order, constantly engaged in missionary labours. In the autumn of 1857 he visited Rome, and, with several of his colleagues, was re- leased from his connection with the Redemptorists, and authorised to found a new missionary society under the name of " The Congre- gation of St. Paul the Apostle." This was fully organised in 1858, and their first house built in New

York in 1859-60. The Paulist Fathers, of whom Father Heeker is the chief or superior, are almost entirely of American birth, and converts, and have proved a very efficient organisation for the propa- gation of their faith. The Catholic World, a very ably conducted monthly magazine and review, is their principal organ. It was founded in 1865, and Father Heeker is the responsible editor. The Paulist Fathers are very active and earnest in their labours. In 1869 Father Hecker was present at the Vatican Council in Rome, aa the Procurator of Bishop Rosecrans, of Columbus, Ohio. In 1873, hia health being greatly impaired, he travelled in Europe and the East. Since his reception into the Catho- lic Church, he has published "Questions of the Soul,'* 1855; "Aspirations of Nature," 1857; " Catholicity in the United States," 1879 ; and " Catholics and Pro- testants agreeing on the School Question," 1881.

HEDLEY, The Right Rev. John Edward, D.D., Bishop of Newport and Menevia, born at Morpeth, April 15, 1837, was educated by the Benedictines in St. Lawrence's College, Ampleforth, near York. He entered ite order of St. Bene- dict in 1854, and was ordained a priest in 1862. He was connected with the school at Ampleforth for several years, taught mental philo- sophy there for two years; was placed in 1862 at St. Michael's Priory,Hereford(Benedictine House of Theological Study), where he was Professor of Theology till 1873. On Sept. 29, 1873, he was conse- crated Bishop of Csesaropolis i.p.i., and auxiliary to Dr. Brown, Bidiop of Newport and Menevia, in the pro-cathedral of St. Michael's, Hereford, Bishop Brown dying on April 12, 1880, Bishop Hedley was appointed his successor in the see of Newport and Menevia, Feb. 18, 1881. Bishop Hedley has contri- buted articles to the Dublin Review,