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at Uttoxeter early in the present century. Her early love of poetry was such, that she composed almost as soon as she could write; and after becoming the wife of the late Mr. William Howitt, published various works in conjunction with her husband. Mrs. Howitt, who is the authoress of a volume of ballads and other poetry; of "The Seven Temptations/' a series of dramatic sketches; of "Wood Leighton," a novel; and of a gre&t number of volumes, in prose and verse, for children, has translated into Eng- lish the whole of Miss Bremer's works, and H. C. Andersen's *' Im- provisatore." She edited for three years the "Drawing-Room Scrap- Book," and illustrated by bio- graphical vignettes a series of portraits of the Queens of England. To one of the popular libraries she contributed an original story, en- titled the "Heir of West Way- land ; " and among her numerous writings for the young may be mentioned, "The Children's Year," " Our Cousins in Ohio," and " The Dial of Love," a series of stories in thirteen volumes. Her latest works are "Lilieslea," "A Treasury of Tales for the Young," edited and partly written by herself ; " Stories of Stapleford," and a work of fiction entitled "The Cost of Caergwyn" 1864. Her eldest daughter has appeared before the public as an artist of several successful paint- ings, and authoress of "The Art- Student in Munich," and of " The School of Life." Her yoimger sister published, in 1866, " Twelve Months with Frederika Bremer in Sweden," a work which was favour- ably received by the public.

HOWLAND, The Hon. Sie Wil- liam Peaecb, C.B., K.C.M.G., was bom in New York State on the 29th May, 1811, and settled in Canada in 1830. In Toronto and the neigh- bourhood he has been engaged in extensive business enterprises for over fifty years. He was returned for West York in 1857, and sat in the

Legislature of Canada until 1868, when he was appointed Lieut.- Govemor of Ontario. Prom 1862 until 1864 he held the offices of Minister of Finance and Eeceiver- General. In the latter year he became Postmaster-General, and a member of the Executive Council. In 1866 he succeeded the Hon. A. T. Gait as Finance Minister, and on the formation of the first Domi- nion Government, in the following year, he accepted the portfolio of Minister of Inland Bevenne, and was sworn a member of the Privy Council. He was created a E.C.M.G. in 1879.

HOWSON, The Very Rev. Johh Saul, D.D., born in 1816, was edu- cated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in doable first-class honours in 1837. He proceeded to the degree of M.A. in 1841. and to that of D.D. in 1861. He obtained, in 1837 and 1838, the Members' P^ize, and in 1840 the Norrisian Prize Essay. Having taken Orders in 1845, he became Senior Classical Master, and in 1849 Principal of the Liverpool College, which post he held till the close of 1866, and was appointed Vicar of Wisbech St. Peter, in 1866. He was Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Ely from 1867 to 1873, and was made Dean of Chester in 1867. In addition to various lec- tures and sermons. Dean Howson is the author of "The Life and Epistles of St. Paul" (conjointly with the late Eev. W. J. Conybeare), 2 vols. 1852 ; " Deaconesses ; or the Official Help of Women in Parochial Work and in Charitable Institutions," an essay reprinted, with large additions, from the Quarterly Review, 1862 ; " The Hulsean Lectures for 1862 (Five Lectures on the Character of St. Paul") Lond., 1864, being the Hulsean lectures for 1862; "Scenes from the Life of St. Paul, and their Religious Lessons," 1866; "The Metaphors' of St. Paul," 1868; "The Companions of St. Paul,"