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agaged on the hydrograpliic sur- By of the delta of the Mississippi.

Society of Jesus. Father Hum- phrey is author of "The Divine Teacier ; " " Mary magnifying God," May Sermons ; " The Writ- ten Word : or Considerations on the Sacred Scriptures;" "Other Gospels : or Lectures on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians ; " " Mr. FitzJames Stephen, and Cardinal Bellarmine ;" besides contributions to the Catholic Academia, and essays in the Month,

HUMPHREYS, General An- DBEW Atkinson, born in Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania, Nov. 2, 1810. He graduated at the Military Aca- demy at West Point, in 1837 ; served in the war against the Seminole Indians in Florida, and subse- quently in the engineer department of the army and on the coast sur- vey. From 1850 to the outbreak of the civil war in 1861 he was euj vey

Humphreys, now a major, was appointed on the staff of General McClellan, rose to the rank of major-general of volunteers, and held important positions through- out all the campaigns in Virginia. Towards the conclusion of the siege of Petersburg he commanded an army corps, and was brevetted as major-general in the regular army for his conduct in the closing action with the army under Genewd Lee. In Aug., 1866, he was appointed Chief of Engineers of the United States army, with the rank of Brigadier-General, a position which he held until June, 1879, when at his own request he was retired.

HUMPHRY, The Rev, William GiLSON, B.D., born at Sudbury, Suffolk, in 1815, was educated at Shrewsbury School and Trinity College, Cambridge, of which Col- lege, after gpraduating B.A. in 1837, he was elected Fellow. He was Hulsean lecturer at Cambridge in 1849-50. Having been chaplain to the late Bishop of London (Dr. Blomfield) for some years, he was appointed by him in 1855 to the

vicarage of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, and was made prebendary of St. Paul's. He is the author of "A Commentary on the Book of the Acts of the Apostles ; " "The Doc- trine of a Future State " (the Hul- sean Lecture for 1849) ; "The Early Progress of the Gospel" (the Hul- sean Lecture for 1850) ; " An His- torical and Explanatory Treatise on the Book of Common Prayer ; " "The Miracles" (the Boyle Lec- ture for 1857) ; " The Character of St. Paul" (the Boyle Lecture for 1858) ; he edited " Theophilus of Antioch," 1852, and "Theophy- lact on St. Matthew," 1854, for the Syndics of the Cambridge Pi^ss ; he is one of the authors of "A Revised Version of St. John's Gospel, and the Epistles to the Romans and Corinthians," 1857 j and wa« one of the company ap- pointed by Convocation to revise the Authorised Version of the New Testament.

HUNT, Alfred William, M.A., was born at Liverpool in 1830, and educated at the Collegiate School in that town. In 1848 he gained a scholarship at Corpus Christi Col- lege, Oxford. In 1851 he won the " Newdigate," and in 1852 took his degree with a second class in class- ics. In the following year he be- came a fellow of his college. He first exhibited in the Ro^ Aca- demy in 1854. His picture was, " Styehead Pass, Cumberland." In 1856 he made a first success in the Royal Academy with a picture of "Llyn Idwal," which was much praised by Mr. Ruskin ; and the same year he became a member of the Hogarth Club, which was then just Toimded, and was the centre of Preraphaelite force. Mr. Hunt's next year's pictures were also much admired by Mr. Ruskin in his "Academy Notes," but they were unfortunately placed, and l^r. Rus- kin's comments on their hanging were of a kind which did not advance the artist's fortunes for the future. Mr. Hunt continued.