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S. B. P. Morse, in New York, in 1835, and soon produced two noted genre pictures, the " Toper Asleep,'^ and the " Bar-room Politician," and several excellent landscapes. In 1839 he studied in Florence and Eome, and, on his return to Ame- rica, painted "Mercy's Dream," and "Christiana and her Children." In 1844 he again went to Eome, where he painted the "Boman Penitents," "Italy," "The Com- munion of the Sick," and several landscapes. In 1851 he visited England, where he painted the portraits of several distinguished personages. With the exception of a few years he has been President of the National Academy of Design, New York, from 1862 to the pre- sent time. Among his later works, besides numerous portraits, are, " Lady Jane Grey, and Peckenham in the Tower," " Henry VIII. and Queen Catherine Parr," "Queen Mary signing the Death-warrant of Lady Jane Grey," "The Good Samaritan," " The Sketcher," "Ichabod Crane and Katima van Tassel," " The Counterfeit Note," another "Mercy's Dream," "The Bepublican Court," a number of Shaksperian subjects, "Chocuma Peak," " Philosophy and Christian Art," "Sowing the Word," and " Titian and Charles V."

HUNTINGTON, Pbbderic Daniel, D.D., Bishop of the Pro- testant Episcopal Diocese of Cen- tral New York, born at Hadley, Massachusetts, May 28, 1819. He graduated at Amherst College in 1839, studied divinity at Cam- bridge, and in 1842 became pastor of a Unitarian Church in Boston. In 1855 he was elected preacher to Cambridge University, and Pro- fessor of Christian Morals in Har- vard College. He had, about this time, withdrawn himself from the Unitarian body, and came to the university occupying an indepen- dent position. In 1859 he took orders in the Protestant Episcopal Church J in 1861 was one of the

founders of the Church Monthly; and in 1869 was elected bishop <^ the diocese of Central New York. Besides a series of lectures on "Human Sociely as Illustrating the Wisdom, Power, and Goodness of God," he has published: "Ser- mons for the People " (1856) ; '• Home and College " (1859) ; " Ee- ligious and Moral Sentences of Shakespeare compared with Pas- sages from Holy Writ " (1859) ; " Sermons on Christian Living and Believing" (1860); "Hymns of the Ages " (3 vols., 1860-64) ; " Elim^' (1865) ; " Lessons on the Parables'^ (1865); "Steps to a Living Paith" 1870); "Helps to a Holy Lent" (1872); "Helps to a Living Paith^' (1873) ; " Christ and the World" (1874); "New Helps to a Holy Lent^' (1876); and "Sermons on the Christian Year" (1881).

HUNTINGTON, The Hon. Lucnrs Sbth, Q.C, M.P., waa born at Campton, Province of Quebec, on May 26, 1827. He received his education at Sherbrooke, where he studied law, and was called to the bar of Lower Canada in 1853; created Queen's Counsel in 1863 ; was a member of the Executive Council of Canada, and Solicitor- General for Lower Canada from May, 1863, to March, 1864; sworn of the Privy Council Jan. 1874; and was President of that body from that date until appointed Postmaster-General Oct. 9, 1875, which position he held until the resignation of the Liberal Govern- ment of the Hon. Alex. Mackenzie, in Oct. 1878. Mr. Huntington, in 1873, took a prominent part in the impeachment of Sir John A. Mao- donald, and other members of the Tory Administration of the day in connection with the proposed Canadian Pacific Railway, which resulted in the fall of the Mac- donald Government in Nov. of the same year. He has for many years been laudably engaged in develop- ing the mineral resources of the