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" Diaoours sup Marco Polo/' Tri- este, 1869; "Venise en 1867/f Xieipeic, 1870; "Gli Albanesi in finmenia/' a history of the Princes Gliika in the seventeenth, eight- eenth, and nineteenth centnnes, pubHshed in the Bivisia Europea, 1871-73; "EleonoradeHallingen," and " Ghisdaine," two noTels, 1871 ; "La Poesie des Ottomans," 2nd edit., Paris, 1877; and "The Condition of Women among the Southern Slavs," 1878. A detailed list of her works is given in the " Bibliografia della Principessa Dora d'Istria," 6th edit., Florence, 1S73. ITALY, Kino op. (See Hum-


JACKSON, The Bight Bby. JoHV, D.D., Bishop of London, son of Henry Jackson, Esq., merchant, of London, born Feb. 22, 1811, was educated at Beading School under Dr. Y^py, whence he proceeded to P^nbroke College, O^cford, where he graduated in 1833, taking first- daas honours, and gained the Den- yer Theological Prize. From 1836 till 1846 he was Head-Master of the Proprietary School at Islington, and during part of that time In- cumbent of St. James's, MusweU HiU, m the parish of Homsey. He was appointed Bector of St. James's, Piccadilly, in 1846, Chaplain to the Queen in 1847, and Canon of Bristol in 1852; was a Select Preacher before the University of Oxford in 1845, 1850, 1862, and 1866 ; preached the Boyle Lectures in London in 1S58, and on the death of Dr. Kaye, in that year, was made Bishop of lincoln. On Jan. 4, 1869, he was translated to the see of London, in succession to Dr. Tait, who had been raised to the Primacy. Dr. Jackson is the author of some ser- mons and charges ; and of a poptdar pamphlet entifled " The Sinfmness of Little Sins."

JACKSON, The Bbv. Thomas, M.A., born at Preston in 1812, was educated at St. Mary Hall, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1834. Having held some parochial cures and educational appointments, he succeeded Sir James Kay Shuttle- worth as Principal of the Normal College at Battersea, and shortly after was preferred by Dr. Blom- field, late Bishop of London, to a prebendal stall in St. Paul's Cathe- dral. He was nominated in 1849 to a bishopric in New Zealand, and proceeded thither with the inten- tion of being consecrated by Bishop Selwyn, but difficulties arose, and Mr. Ja<^cson returned to England ; shortly after which he was pre- ferred to the rectory of St. Mary, Stoke Newington, where he has been instrumental in building one of the most splendid churches in the metropolis. He has written " A Manual of Logic ; " " Examina- tion Questions and Papers for Theological Students ; " " Ques- tions on Adams's Boman Antiqui- ties; "Questions on Ancient Geography ; " " Sermons preached chiefly on Public Occasions j " " The Mourning Mother Comforted," be- ing passages in prose and verse on the death of children ; " Our Dumb Companions, or Conversations of a Father with his Children on Horses and Donkeys,^ Dogs and Cats ; " " Our Dumb Neighbours ; " " Our Feathered Friends ; " " Stories about Animals;" and "The Narra- tive of the Fire of London, freely handled on the principles of modem Bationalism, by Pieter Maritzburg. With an introductory Essay on the use of Irony, and some account of Ironical publications." He has contributed biographical articles to serial publications, and was for some time editor of The English Journal of Education.

JACKSON, The Bight Bbv. William Walbond, D.D., Bishop of Antigua, born in Barbadoes, about 1810, received his education at Codrington College, Barbadoes,