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of which he was a Licentiate in Theology. He was formerly Chap- lain to the Forces in Barbadoes^ and was consecrated Bishop of An- tigua in 1860. His episcopal juris- diction includes the islandB of Antigua, Nevis, St. Christopher, Montserrat, the Virgin Islands, and Dominica ; and the gross income of the see is ^£2000, paid out of the Consolidated Fund.

JACOB, Thb Bey. Geobgb Andrew, D.D., born at Exmouth, Dec. 16, 1807, was educated at the Grammar School, Exeter, and at Oxford, where he took a first-class in classics in 1829. He ¥ras ap- pointed Head-Master of the Gram- mar School of King Edward VI., Bromsgrove, in 1832 ; to the Prin- cipalsMp of the Collegiate School, Sheffield, in 1843 ; and to the Head- Mastership of Christ's Hospital, London, in 1853, which he resigned in Oct. 1868. Dr. Jacob has written "A Letter to Sir R. Peel on National Education," 1839 ; " Ser- mons preached before the Univer- sity of Oxford as Select Preacher," 1855 ; Greek and Latin Gram- mars ; and a oourse of lectures, entitled " The Ecclesiastical Polity o 1 the New Testament, a Study for the Church of England," 1871.

JACOBINI, His EMiNBNcas LuDOYico, Cardinal Priest of the Holy Boman Church, was born at Albano, May 6, 1832. In 1862, Pius IX. made him one of the Pre" lati Domestici and one of the Be- ferendaries of the Segnatura. Soon afterwards he was made Secre- tary of that Section of the Congre- gation de Propagandd Fide which is charged with the special super- vision of the affairs of the Eastern Churches. He was subsequentlv appointed one of the " Consultors of the Propaganda, and his par- ticular duty was to examine and report upon the decrees and ordi- nances of provincial synods. In 1867 he was made a member of the preparatory Commission who were charged with examining and ar-

ranging the business to be brought before the projected Vatican Coun- cil. When, in 1874, the Nuncio at Vienna, Falcinelli-Antoniaooi> was created Cardinal and withdrew from his post, Monsig^or Jaoobini was chosen by Pius IX. to succeed to the vacancy, which was at the time a position of no small difficulty. According to custom, he received episcopal consecration with the title of Archbishop of Thessalonica in pariibtis infidelium, and waa ac- credited to the Court of Vienna, where he remained until Oct. 1880. On September 19, 1879, he waa created Cardinal ; but it was judged desirable that he should continue at the Austrian capital in order to carry on the negotiations com- menced some time previously with Germany and Bussia, and also to regulate the new ecclesiastical ar- rangements for Bosnia and Herse- govma. But, in conformity with the strict etiquette of the Papal Court, which forbids a Cardinal to hold the inferior rank of Nuncio, Cardinal Jacobini, after his eleva- tion to the purple, bore the title of Pro-Nuncio. His Eminence waa recalled from Vienna in Oct. 1880, and appointed by Leo XIII. to the office of Papal Secretary of State, in succession to Cardinal Nina.

JACOBSON, The Bight Bet. William, D.D., Bishop of Chester, son of Mr. William Jacobaon by his marriage with Miss Judith Clarke, was born at Great Yarmouth, Nor- folk, in 1803, and received hia edu- cation at the Dissenting College at Homerton, Middlesex, and after- wards at Lincoln College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1827, taking a second class in dassios. He gained the EUerton theological prize in 1829, by an essay on the following subject: — "What were the causes of the Persecution to which the Christians were aubiect in the first centuries of Chrlati- anity P ** In the aame year he inx>- oeeded to the degree of M.A., and was elected to a Fellowahip at