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waa born in 1822. He was educated at Shrewsbury School under Dr. Butler and Dr. Kennedy, and he was thence elected, in 1840, to a Scholarship at Trinity College, Oxford, where he obtained fiie Ireland University Scholarship in 1842, and took his B.A. degree with second-class honours in classics in 1844. Subsequently he held a Michel Fellowship at Queen's College, and a Fellowship at Uni- versity College. He became tutor of the latter College in 1854, and held various University ofBlces. He became a Prebendary of St. David's in 1859; incumbent of Haxby, Yorkshire; a Prebendary of York in 1863 ; Vicar of Bishops- thorpe in 1865 ; Archdeacon of the West Biding in 1867 ; and Chan- cellor of the diocese of York in 1871. For many years he was Examining Chaplain to the Arch- bishop of York. The Queen nomi- nated him to the bishopric of St. David's when the see was vacated l)y the resignation of Dr. Thirlwall, and he was skccordingly consecrated in Westminster Abbey, Aug. 24, 1874. He has written "Vestiges of Gael in Ghrynedd," 1851; jointly with Mr. E. A. Freeman, "The History and Antiquities of St. David's," 1856; "Notes on the (Edipus Tyrannus of Sophocles," 1862; jointly with Archdeacon Churton, "The New Testament, illustrated and annotated, with a plain commentary for private and family reading," 1864; "The Peace of God: Sermons on the Eecon- ciliation of God and Man," 1869; various pamphlets and single ser- mons, and several papers and reviews in literary and antiquarian periodicals. The Bishop is married to Frances Charlotte, younger daughter of the late Rev. Samuel Holworthy, rector of CroxiJl, Derbyshire'.

JOULE, James Pbescott, F.R.S., was born at Salford, Dec. 24, 1818, and educated at home. He is the discoverer of the laws of the evolu-

tion of heat, and of the induction of magnetism by electric currents. He is the discoverer of the mechanical equivalent of heat, and the originator of the Kinetic theory of gases. In 1850 the Boyal Society presented him with the Boyal medal, and in 1870 with their Copley medal, for his experimental re- searches on the dynamical theory of heat. The honorary degree c^ LL.D. was presented to him by the Universities of Dublin and Edin- burgh in 1857 and 1871, and the honorary degree of D.C.L. by the University of Oxford in 1866. He is honorary F.B.S.E. and honorary F.C.P.S., Associate of the Boyal Danish Academy, of the Boyal Academy of Turin, and of the American Academy of Arts and Science, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, Paris, and of the Institute of Bologna. In 1878 he received a Civil last pension of JB200, in recognition of his eminent scientific achievements and valuable discoveries, including the application of the principle <S the mechanical equivalent of heat. JOWETT, The Bev. Benjamiu, M.A., was born at Camberwell in 1817. His father, who died at Tenby in 1859, was the author of a metrical version of the Psalms of David. He was educated at St. Paul's School; was elected to a Scholarship at Baliol College, Oxford, in 1835, and to a Fellow- ship in 1838. He was tutor of BaHol College from 1842 to 1870, and in the discharge of that office he gained the regard of many pupils and friends. He was ap- pointed to the Begins Professorship of Greek on the recommendatioii of Lord PaJmerston, in 1856, having, in 1853, been member of a commission which had under its consideration the mode of admis- sion by examination to writerships in the Indian civil service, and of which the late Lord Macaulay was chairman. Professor Jowett has written a Commentai^ on the