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was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1844, and M.A. in 1847. Having resolved to adopt the legal profession, he read in the chambers of the late George Lake Bussell, Esq., and was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in Trinity term, 1847. He became authorized re- porter in the court of Lord Hath- erley, then Vioe-Chancellor Wood, and published "Kay's Reports" and a part of " £ay and Johnson's Reports." He obtsoned the honour of a silk gown in 1866, and prac- tised as a Queen's Counsel in the Court presided over successively by Vice-Chancellor Wood, Vice-Chan- cellor Giffard, Vice-Chancellor James, and Vice-Chancellor Bacon. In April, 1878, he relinquished the leadership of that Court, and con- fined his practice thenceforward to the House of Lords and special business. He was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court, March 30, 1881, on the resignation of Vice-Chancellor (afterwards Sir Richard) Malins, and shortly after- wards he was knighted by the Queen at Windsor. Sir E. E. Kay is a magistrate for Norfolk, in which county he owns the estate of Thorpe Abbotts, near Scole. He married in 1850 Miss Mary French, daughter of the late Bev. William French, D.D., Master of Jesus Col- lege, Cambridge, and Canon of Ely.

KATSEELING, M., born in Hanover (Germany), June 17, 1829, was educated there and at the Uni- versity of Berlin. He was ap- pointed by the Government of Aargau, in 1861, Babbi of the Swiss Jews, and in Sept., 1870, Babbi and Preacher of the Jewish Com- munity in Pesth, Hungary. In 1861, he married a daughter of the celebrated Dr. Ludwig Philippson. Dr. Elayserling is the author of "Sephardim: Bomanische Poesien der Juden in Spanien," Leipzig, 1869; "Ein Feiertag in Madrid, zur Geschichte der Spanisch-Por-

tugiesischen Juden ; " " Geschichte der Juden in Spanien und Portu- gal," 1859-61 i "Menasse Ben Israel, sein Leben und Wirken," Berlin, 1867 ; " Geschichte der Juden in England," Berlin, 1861 ; " Der Dichter Ephraim Kuh, ein Beitrag zur Gesdiichte der Deutschen Literatur," Berlin, 1867; "Moaee Mendelssohn, sein Leben und Wir- ken," Leipzig, 1862; '^Zum Sieg^es- f este, Dankpredigt, und Danklieder von M. Mendelssohn," Berlin, 1866 ; Die Bituale Schlachtfrage oder ist ThierqulUerei," Aarau, 1867 ; "Schlachten Bibliothek Jiidischer Kanzelredner," 1 J&hrg., Berlin, 1870, 2 Jahrg. 1871 (to be con- tinued). He also published a volume of Sketches of Distinguished Jewish Women; a biographical work on Jewish diplomatists and statesmen ; several series of historical and lite- rary articles in the Deutsche Musewn of Prutz, PrankeVe Monate§ehr\fi, Jahrlmch fur IsraeUten in Wien, Sieinschneider'e Hebr., Bibliogra' phie; and some Sermons.

KEATING, Thb Biqht. How. Sib Hbnbt Sinqeb, third son of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. S. Keating, K.C.B., born near Dublin in 1804, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he gradu- ated M.A. ; was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1832, and in 1834 went the Oxford circuit (of which he became leader after Ser- jeant Talfourd's elevation to the bench). He became a Q.C. and Bencher of the Inner Temjde in 1849, in which year he edited joinUy with Mr. (afterwards Mr. Justice) Willes, that great legal work, " Smith's Leading Cases." Mr. Keating was returned at the general election of 1852, one of the members for Beading, as a Liberal in favour of vote by ballot and an extension of the suffrage, and op- posed to the Maynooth grant and church-rates. On the resignation of Mr. Stuart Wortley in 1857, he was appointed Solicitor-Genera], and received the honour of fcoight-